I just felt like Running

I’d like to give this post a little bit more but I feel like shit (which is bad), as opposed to feeling like the shit which is good. Definite articles make a difference kids.


I finally got around to putting together a page about running. Nothing major just a brief backstory, some PR’s and a race list along with current gear. Check it out if you will.

I’m still on the daily streak and I hope to continue. Tomorrow is supposed to be 4 miles per my schedule but we’ll see how I’m feeling.

Long Weekend!

We celebrated today with our first official Family Fun Day. After all the money were were gifted as a family at Christmas we came together and decided to put it all into a community pot and take turns deciding on a family activity each month. Snookums got the first pick and we went bowling.

It’s been a long time since I’ve been bowling. Literally years and it shows. I remember being much better at it than I was today. Animal was beating me for most of the game and even when I did pull ahead at the end I still did not break 100. Sad face.

Off to bed to hopefully sleep and stop shivering.

I pray you had a great time this long weekend and that you are all happy and healthy!



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