mt taylor halfway
Coming into the halfway.


In 2009 at the age of 29 I decided to start running. I shamed myself into it actually because I was lazy and fat and my 49 year old mother was just finishing another marathon. So I bought the Runner’s World Complete Book of Running (I’m not sure which edition) and followed the advice.

It worked. Slowly (very) I worked my way from walk/runs to run walks and then to running the entire 30 minutes! That felt like fucking forever back then. Little did I know I’d be running for hours at a time within a few years.

Now though I wish I had been running all my life. My high school track coach asked me to try out for the team when I was a junior. He told me I had a great stride and I ignored him and promptly returned to something that didn’t involve physical exertion, like DnD ( but hey those dice are heavy). I am sorry Mr. Arnold. You were right.



  • 5k-19:09
  • 10k 47:17
  • 9 Mile 2:08:07
  • Half 1:40:05
  • Marathon (trail) 5:55:03
  • 50k 6:31:47
  • 45 miles 10:56:26
  • 53 miles 13:22:48


  • Cedro Peak Ultra (50k) – 7:48:19
  • Taos Up & Over 10k – 1:18:36
  • Bull of the Woods –


  • La Luz trail Run 5:12:02
  • Deadman Peaks Ultra 13:49:55


  • Cedro Peak Ultra (50K) – 6:31:47
  • La Luz Trail Run 2:08:07
  • Mt. Taylor 50K 7:29:14
  • Deadman Peaks Ultra (53 miles) 13:49:18
  • Running Medicine-Gratitude Run 47:17


  • Run for the Zoo (half) 1:44:44
  • Valles Caldera Trail Marathon 5:55:03
  • La Luz Trail Run – 2:17:54
  • Sandia Mountain Shadow Trail Run 10k – 50:40
  • Deadman Peaks Ultra – DNF 36 of 53 miles completed


  • Cedro Peak Ultra (45 miles)
  • Run for the Zoo (Half-marathon)
  • La Luz Trail Run
  • Sandia Mountain Shadow Trail Run (10k)
  • Deadman Peaks Ultra (53 miles) 13:22:49


  • Run for the Zoo (Half-marathon)
  • Deadman Peaks Ultra (DNF) 44/53 miles completed


  • Run Haiti Ultra (72 miles over three days)
  • Run for the Mills 5k
  • La Luz Trail Run


  • Crystal Frolics 5k (2nd in age group)
  • Run for the Zoo (Half-Marathon)


This can get very personal of course and you should tailor your gear to what works best for you and your particular race.


  • Salomon Speedcross 5.



  • Rabbit FKT 3″ Race split– Short and lightweight, comfortable and very soft.
  • Lululemon Mens Surge Running short- easily the most comfortable shorts I’ve run in. The fabric is soft and slick. Zero chafing in these even after 30 miles.
  • Sporthill Marathon short-I bought one on clearance from REI then promptly bought two more after running in them. I wear short shorts.
  • Zoot Perfomance Tri Short-Mostly used for biking and swimming but it makes for an easy run. Very comfortable.

Shirts– Preferably none. Though I must say the Rabbit Trail hulk is very lightweight and comfortable.


  • Buff
  • Sunglasses
  • Knife-you should always have a knife.


  • Garmin Forerunner 235

That’s it for now. I’ll update as it changes and add some review to this amazing tech that enables me to run.