In 2009 at the age of 29 I decided to start running. I shamed myself into it actually because I was lazy and fat and my 49 year old mother was just finishing another marathon. So I bought the Runner’s World Complete Book of Running (I’m not sure which edition) and followed the advice.

It worked. Slowly (very) I worked my way from walk/runs to run walks and then to running the entire 30 minutes! That felt like fucking forever back then. Little did I know I’d be running for hours at a time within a few years.

Now though I wish I had been running all my life. My high school track coach asked me to try out for the team when I was a junior. He told me I had a great stride and I ignored him and promptly returned to something that didn’t involve physical exertion, like DnD ( but hey those dice are heavy). I am sorry Mr. Arnold. You were right.


Killin' it!
Killin’ it!


  • 5k-19:09
  • 10k 49:59
  • 9 Mile 2:08:07
  • Half 1:40:16
  • Marathon (trail) 5:55:03
  • 50k 6:31:47
  • 45 miles 10:56:26
  • 53 miles 13:22:48


  • Cedro Peak Ultra (50K) – 6:31:47
  • La Luz Trail Run 2:08:07
  • Mt. Taylor 50K
  • Deadman Peaks Ultra (53 miles)


  • Run for the Zoo (half) 1:44:44
  • Valles Caldera Trail Marathon 5:55:03
  • La Luz Trail Run – 2:17:54
  • Sandia Mountain Shadow Trail Run 10k – 50:40
  • Deadman Peaks Ultra – DNF 36 of 53 miles completed


  • Cedro Peak Ultra (45 miles)
  • Run for the Zoo (Half-marathon)
  • La Luz Trail Run
  • Sandia Mountain Shadow Trail Run (10k)
  • Deadman Peaks Ultra (53 miles)


  • Run for the Zoo (Half-marathon)
  • Deadman Peaks Ultra (DNF)


  • Run Haiti Ultra (72 miles over three days)
  • Run for the Mills 5k
  • La Luz Trail Run


  • Crystal Frolics 5k (2nd in age group)
  • Run for the Zoo (Half-Marathon)


This can get very personal of course and you should tailor your gear to what works best for you and your particular race.

This is pretty ridiculous for me.
This is pretty ridiculous for me.




  • Lululemon Mens Surge Running short- easily the most comfortable shorts I’ve run in. The fabric is soft and slick. Zero chafing in these even after 30 miles.
  • Sporthill Marathon short-I bought one on clearance from REI then promptly bought two more after running in them. I wear short shorts.
  • Zoot Perfomance Tri Short-Mostly used for biking and swimming but it makes for an easy run. Very comfortable.

Shirts– Preferably none.


  • Buff
  • Sunglasses
  • Knife-you should always have a knife.


  • Garmin Forerunner 235

That’s it for now. I’ll update as it changes and add some review to this amazing tech that enables me to run.