Sick Day


Yesterday I mentioned I was not feeling so well. In truth I was febrile, with body aches and nausea and very lethargic.

I passed out pretty quickly last night and stayed there until 5am when Snookum’s alarm went off. How that kid set her alarm I don’t know.

I could tell my stomach hadn’t decided how it was feeling yet so I let my boss know I’d be out today. I’m a nurse you know so I’m qualified to self-diagnose everything from flu to the plague including Syphilis and of course Acanthocheilonemiasis. Then I let all my employees know. Then I told Lisa and my girls. It’s a process.

So I stumbled out to help the girls get ready for school. Nothing says love like your sick father coughing all over your toast in the morning! Mostly kidding. I wasn’t coughing. Anyway I got them out the door, then Lisa. I have since then:

  • washed the bedding
  • slow shuffle/walk around the arroyo (got to keep the streak alive)
  • yoga’d
  • showered
  • washed the towels
  • requested reimbursement from an insurance claim
  • inquired about a truck for sale
  • made the beds.
  • made rounds on a few blogs
  • and finally wrote this.

I’m exhausted. It was making the beds that did it. That shit takes energy.

photo 3
It looks so comfortable…

That’s enough. I’m done. I’m going to go and eat some soup and read a little before the girls make it home. In truth I’m just as likely to fall asleep as I am to start reading.

What do you end up doing on your sick days besides being sick?


6 thoughts on “Sick Day

  1. I never ever ever get sick, so when I finally wound up getting sick this last week, I was like WTF!!!!!! What I know for sure is when I am 100% better, my sheets will be cleaned – and I think I might even get a house cleaner to make sure EVERYTHING is disinfected! ha ah aha! I don’t want people who come over to my house to get sick!

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