Gotta get it in there.

Somehow I never seem to have the time I want to have to sit down and write. I have thoughts. I have ideas. I have some shit I want to say and stories I want to tell. It is my own doing I know. I haven’t given it the priority I wanted and I let other things get in the front of the line. Some of those other things are pretty awesome though (wife and kids, running. Some of them are kind of, well random.

I’m still going!

15 days into January and my running streak and my yoga streak are still holding strong. I mentioned before I might let the running streak slide if I see it becomes a barrier to actual training, but for now it’s working.

What is not working is Mapmyrun. I’ve used that site and app for years and it’s always been borderline effective, mostly lingering on the useful side like having a bully for a friend. Most of the time it’s nice he’s your friend, but someday…he’ll turn on you.

This is not going to end well….

The latest update made it so I can’t use Mapmyrun at all to track any activity, it keeps crapping out. Frustrating.

I ditched it and picked up Strava. Yes I know I’m behind the times but I’m getting caught up now thank you very much. At least I’m not this bad. I got your back Pythagoras (but you can eat a dick Columbus).

So far it’s working awesome and I love the shiny new interface. I’m excited to keep it up. I was just over my target of 30 miles last week. Only a few days left this week and I’m right on track for round two!

There’s a trail under there.

My long run last Saturday had me post-holing up to a favorite point of mine. I went there partly out of habit and partly of a desired saltiness. I wanted to be able to tell myself I’d been the first to get up there after all that snow. I was so yay me. It was a hell of a climb though.

I slept in after a late-night fight with Lisa so I had to split my Wednesday run into two. I did a quick loop around the arroyo in the am and then ran 3 miles during lunch. I was just discussing this an another blog but hills are speedwork in disguise. I ran on a paved trail that was flat and hit an average of 7:16 per mile for those three. I don’t see those numbers on the trails (yet) so it was refreshing.

I didn’t really take any pictures this week, because I’m always at work and I figure most folks aren’t interested in pictures of STD’s. I might be wrong. However I’ll share a couple pictures of our last visit to the climbing wall here in town. It’s a family favorite.


How do you make/find the time for your wanted activities? 

What activities made it into your schedule this week and what’s the plan for the weekend?


5 thoughts on “Gotta get it in there.

  1. I haven’t tried strava but sounds like a good program! It’s hard to fit in everything, and as I’ve recently written in a post- I think it’s important to put as much energy into family and work as you do with running. Sometimes you may prioritize running (for an important race or something), but once that’s done, it’s important to go back and spend time with your loved ones. Sorry to ramble on– balance it tough but so important! Happy Friday!

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  2. I consider my hot yoga classes to be such an essential part of my day that I have studied the gym timetable and set an alarm on my phone 45min before each class so that I have time to change and drive there on time…I know it’s a little OTT but at least I make it to class 🙂


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