Running into 2016.

All right. Five days into 2016 and I’ve run every one of them. Not such a big thing for me but every step is a victory.


I was considering attempting another Running Streak. Least year I ran at least 1 mile for 298 days in a row. I honestly didn’t struggle with it and it was a personal issue that interrupted my streak instead of a physical one. More on that later perhaps.

The idea of a running streak in intriguing but I think it is a facet of wanting to take my running to another level. Committing to running every day somehow means I’ll take it seriously. That’s the truth behind it. I want to take it seriously, meaning I want to up my game.

I love running. It is Joy to me, for my brain and my soul. I never question the act of running though I may question my sanity when I’m 30 miles into a 45 or 53 mile run.


So while I may or may not continue the running streak I will take a mindful approach to my running. I will reread Running with the Mind of Meditation. I discussed this previously and I’m looking forward to gleaning further insights from round two.

To make mindful running my reality and with the goal of focusing my energies I am following a specified running regimen for probably the first time since starting running. Then it was the walk/run plan detailed in some version of the Runner’s World Complete Guide to Running. It worked, I got started and it stuck. Why it took me so long to get started? That I think is it’s own story.

Now I am following a plan detailed by David Roche who coaches through Some Work, All Play. I wish I could say I’ve contracted him for coaching, but I work for the State and that means I don’t really make any money. I have read I think every article he has written for Trail Runner Magazine and I really like his demeanor (I think we could hang out) and until I can find a way to work with him for real I’m happy to follow his suggestions virtually.

He has a weekly training plan laid out that makes sense to me and I’m going to follow it. Having a purposeful plan in place will I think, only benefit me so long as I continue to listen to my body and seek help when I need it. I’m excited. Stay tuned.



I have committed to a Yoga Streak. I do yoga every weekday during my lunch hour (yes hour, one of the few perks of Government work). I’m committing to increasing that to at least 10 minutes every day. It sounds like a lot but it really only means I’m adding Saturday and Sunday and the benefits to my running (that’s what this is all about) have already become manifest. I’m looking forward to them increasing.

Lisa is impressed I think, and she’s a way better yogi than I am (it’s a competition you know). I did get up into Crow for like two seconds last week though so she better watch out.


I will continue to eat it. Probably lots of it. I’m not going to eat after dinner though. This is about creating a cut-off. I’m a grazer so this will be hard. I want to have liquids only after the cut-off. Water, tea, hot chocolate all OK by me. No more last minute granola and almond milk before bed.

Vitamix brownies are awesome!

I’ll be making more of these babies too. Mostly just because I love them. I got the recipe from a fellow runner in Haiti after Day 1 of running when we discovered that 4 of the 12 of us owned a Vitamix. I shit you not it turned into an infomercial with us going on about the benefits for hours.

Anyway I picked up this recipe and it’s become a family staple since.

VitaMix brownies:

1/2 cup chocolate chips

1/2 cup peanuts

1 cup raisins

Add the chocolate chips and peanuts into the VitaMix and blend until smooth. You may need to tamp it down to encourage blending. With the Vitamix still running add the raisins and let it run. The raisins add consistency and over a short period of time a dough ball will form and spin on top of the blades.

At this point, scrape the dough into a pan, press flat and cut with the scraper. This will be easy at it is super soft. Place in the refrigerator to cool and harden and then enjoy.

I prefer to take them out a few minutes to soften up before eating but man are they good anytime.

What do you use to fuel your passion? Are you committing to something this year that you have not before?




6 thoughts on “Running into 2016.

  1. I often fall off the running wagon this time of year. I’m caught between embracing it and forcing it. I find force to be an angry emotion though and don’t like the idea. Thus I’ve embraced the snug fit of my pants instead. 😉

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