Running the Rio Grande

Last weekend I took the opportunity to run down by the Rio Grande. I don’t get down there often, preferring the foothills of the Sandia Mountains. It can be gratifying to run through the Bosque though as it is much lower in elevation, generally very flat and runnable and it is a delightful change of scenery.

View from the bridge.

A quick 1 mile down to the Rio from the Baha’i center let me run through this beautiful forest. The Cottonwoods were not quite as thick here as in other spaces in the Bosque but they were still magnificent.


I often wonder what the Rio Grande looked like before we took all the water out.

The traffic sounds faded quickly and I was soon running right next to a quietly burbling river. Quite soothing.



An unknown benefit to running in a new area is the little surprises you will find. The Rio Grande is closer to downtown and I think more heavily trafficked than the foothills. Which means people will surprise you.

Hello Friend!

Today (Thanksgiving) I participated in the 2nd Annual Gratitude Run by local group: Running Medicine a part of the Native Health Initiative. It was a nice, loosely organized event. I ran a 10 in 47:17 (7:44/mile pace) which is fast for me. Another lovely run by the river. If you are in ABQ next year I suggest you check it out. It is a free event with a good soul behind it.

Gratitude Run

Happy Holidays friends!

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