Piño Trail up and back.

Happy weekend folks!

Quick update to report a successful long run today. It has been a few years since I ran all the way up to the ridge in the Piño Trail here in the ABQ foothills. A running acquaintance I know just did and up and down which promoted me to try it again.

I am currently trying to stick to a schedule where even on the weekend (Saturday) I will get up at 4 to start my long run early. That way I can spend a few hours running and still be home before noon. I get more family time.


I was out the door just before 5 this morning. It was cool and clear. The moon was a thin crescent just above the mountains as I set trundled towards them. I made a new friend along the way (vinegaroon or whip scorpion) and after viewing the lights of the city below watched the sun color the sky above the mountains.


It’s been a couple years but I don’t remember the trail feeling this hard. Part of it was running much of it in the dark which makes every trail run an adventure. There were a couple moments where I was spooked by noises in the trees but I attribute that to my current read which involves jungle exploration and poisonous snakes and jaguars. None of that here. Only bears, mountain lions and rattlesnakes.

No worries.

It took 2 hours to reach the ridge from my door. Not too bad for 7.8 miles up a mountain. Lots of sweat though. I took a short break to eat and drink and head back down.

Very green up top!
North-western view from the ridge.
East towards the sun and some rain.
Yes this is New Mexico foliage.
Sandia Mountains northern arm.

Long run today ended up at 16 miles in 3 hrs 30 minutes. Lots of work but it felt good to be on my feet and see the sights.

It is all training and joy anyway is it not?

I pray you had a wonderful weekend. What did you do outside?

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