La Luz Trail Run


OK short post that I should have put up a week ago. La Luz Trail Run 2017 is complete! I ran it last week and I am quite happy with the results.

Race start was at 7am. Lisa dropped me off with the throng of runners and support peoples heading to the line. I passed a buddy who was waiting for the bathroom. He joked about me being shirtless but I pointed out how nice it was and they give you a shirt at the top!

Race conditions were about perfect. Cool 62º and shady and almost no humidity (desert life).

I tried to just run the race. I have a tendency to go faster than I should on the first 1.5 miles of steep road, but it burns me out for the incline near the crest. I think I did well. I jockeyed past a few folks but mostly just chugged along at my own pace like the Little Engine that Could.

Once I hit the trail section I was pretty much in my place. Sure there were a few places could have passed folks but there are not many opportunities and I’m not aggressive enough to make more. It’s fine. We’re all going to the top anyway.

Taking my time gives me the opportunity to chat with folks around me. I had a fella right behind me for a while who grew up in ABQ but now lives in Durango. Behind him was a young man recently moved to ABQ from Atlanta. How the Fuck he’s running up a mountain after only 6 months at altitude I don’t know but good for you Atlanta!

Boulder field starts at 5 miles up.

I made good time to the Rock Slide and by then I power-hiked a bit to get through all the switchbacks on technical boulders. Then run/walks to the crest.

I made it in 2:08:07 (by my Garmin). Honestly I am surprised and happy. Last year was 2:17 and the year before 2:15. Meaning I cut about 9 second off my previous year!

I did a good job of sticking with my training, not 100% but life gets in the way sometimes. I attribute this most to spending all that time on me feet. Mostly 40 mile weeks leading up to this and many were going up the many sides of the Sandias.

I look forward to carrying this progress forward into my training for Deadman Peaks 53 miler in Nov and perhaps Dead Horse Ultra a couple weeks later.

Here I am coming across the finish. Photos courtesy of my kiddo.


I think it’s time for more tattoos.



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