Texas Roadtrip Sweaty Wedding and Chilling at the Beach

Last weekend we took some time off to head over to Texas to attend the wedding of one of my cousins. Lisa and I decided to make it our summer trip and extended the time away from home in order to have a little fun in Texas. We are outdoor folk so we opted to do a little camping on the beach in Galveston, but first: the wedding in Houston.

Hot and sticky Houston.

We camped overnight at a KOA in Arlington on our way to Houston. It was there that I encountered my old nemesis from the Midwest: Humidity.IMG_0265

The air was still and thick. I was instantly reminded of sleepless nights in Minnesota trying to sleep, praying for AC, or a breeze through the window.

The girls slept decently well, as did I. Lisa struggled a bit though and she grumbled at us in the morning but some Starbucks coffee helped to settle that out.



We spent some time in Houston wandering around Discovery Green, which was near our hotel. Local eats and a splash park makes for a good time.


We even managed to creep on my mother and sister arriving to the hotel. Spotted them right from our room and then sent them sinister texts.

IMG_1872 2

The wedding was beautiful and low-key but still fancier than I ever dress up. City folk! I pretty nearly tore the head off some of the bridesmaids as we were walking out. They were bitching about how the people with babies couldn’t keep their kids quiet and how they would never let that happen at their wedding. (the italics = snobby voices).

It wasn’t my kids but this selfishness and ignorance pissed me off. These young assholes have never had kids so they don’t fucking know. They don’t know. I had to mentally restrain myself from ripping them a new one. Lisa could see it in me and appreciated my restraint. It happened again at the reception but Lisa reminded me it was not my day.

We let it pass and spent the time at the reception catching up with other family members who had traveled for the event. It was good to see everyone.


Prior to the wedding we spent the day at the Downtown Aquarium. Not the fanciest aquarium I’ve seen but in good shape and just big enough to keep you and the kids busy for a while. We skipped the rides and stuck with the fish. And the tiger. Seriously why a tiger? It was pretty though.

Misrepresentative I know. They let them in.


Galveston Pleasure Pier

After the wedding it was OUR time. We chose to head down to Galveston Island to enjoy the Gulf. Animal had only been to the ocean once and doesn’t remember and Sweetums had never been there. First stop the Pleasure Pier.

Note this is the girls first amusement park. We are either terrible or amazing parents. Take your pick.


It was pretty fucking hot. Lisa melted a little I think.


We had a good time on the rides but it was more fun playing in the waves on the beach. After a day in the heat (and humidity) we headed for the beach and set up camp. It was much cooler with the constant breeze from the water. The girls fell asleep pretty fast but Lisa and I read a bit.


In the morning I had a relaxing 6 mile run on the beach. I did it barefoot which was fun. and the view was pretty good too.


I met up with Lisa and the girls after and we spent the day playing in the waves. Animal is one hell of a body surfer and Sweetums plays in the surf with the best of them. We even made a couple little friends.

An old friend even decided to swing by and say hello!


I do want to say: Lisa and I made some amazing little humans. They were patient and excited and amazed throughout the entire trip.


On our way home we stopped and got a treat. Lisa looks suspiscious but Animal looks happy. Sweetums is drinking my milkshake!


Despite all the fun and ice cream, we were happy to make it home to dry, arid (4% humidity) though still hot New Mexico.



Enjoy your summer. Stay safe and cool in the heat.



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