I’m still Running

I’ve been a bit silent on my running habit lately. I think. Well even if I haven’t here comes a quick update on that.

Back in April I completed the Cedro Peak 50k as I previously mentioned. That was my last official race and I don’t have anything on the books until La Luz in August. So I’m just running my daily schedule.

Work held a company 5k at the end of May. Not many of the engineers decided to come out but it was fun. Good weather and a fast flat course. Same as last time. This time however I was the winner. I finished in 20:56 which is about 20 seconds faster than last time. I even sprinted at the end. It was fun.

My Mile

If you haven’t seen it yet Strava is holding a Mile PR event for June. #mymile they are calling it. Just run a mile and do what you can. Might even win some shoes.

I figured I’d give it a shot because I run every damn day anyway (not Mondays though, those are rest days). So last Wednesday I booked it during the last of my mile intervals. According to the Garmin on my wrist I achieved a PR of 6:12. Strava doesn’t account for the 1 min rests after each of the four intervals so I looks like I’m a bit slower.

Anyway I’m pretty happy with that. I’ll try again next Wednesday.

Todays Run

Holy shit I can ramble. The whole reason I hopped on here was to make a quick blup about today’s run because I had such fun. I’m adding up the miles and the elevation in prep for La Luz. Last week that meant 11 Miles round trip up La Luz Trail itself.

Today I ran out my front door and up Bear Canyon and Embudito Trail. Just beautiful. Hot and lots of up but beautiful.

View down the canyon/arroyo from the bench.
Who put this bench up here?
That’s where I’m going.
Turn around point.
Cholla cactus blooming.


It was fun. It was hot and horrid but such fun and so much beauty to experience. Oh and I think every cicada in ABQ is alive and buzzing up the canyon. They were so LOUD you could have heard them through your earbuds. Glorious.

I pray you get out and enjoy that which fills your bucket.


4 thoughts on “I’m still Running

    1. Hard to stay cool down here right now, but at least in NM it’s dry.

      Next race is 9 mi La Luz Trail run then 50 Mt. Taylor and 53 Mi Deadman Peaks. Sounds like a lot but they are well spaced.

      Thanks for swinging by! I’ve been thinking about where you had wandered off to.

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