Birthday Shenanigans!

Not really any shenanigans but plenty of fun. Last week saw both of our girls celebrating birthdays. Yes they are five years and two days apart. Yes it is fun but also kind of a lot. Mostly fun though.


Animal turned twelve this year. She’s a “young” twelve though. I think so anyway. She’s not into the pop culture and drama that seems typical of preteens and teens today. I know it’s coming but for now I’m happy to encourage he to keep reading a book a day. Srsly.

Animal made her own cake with a mold recently sent by my mother. She’s really good at this stuff.

What’s with the face?

Animal didn’t want a party. Too cool for that I guess or maybe it’s not cool enough? I don’t know, I heard that somewhere.

Anyway she will get a day to herself where she gets to dictate the meals and events that take place. Probably we’ll end up at home reading then watching Avatar: Legend of Korra. Sounds good to me.

While we were at Sweetum’s party I did manage to snag a picture of her that, well it is just beautiful:



Two days later on Friday was Sweetums birthday. She’s seven now. Damn they grow fast. They also made a cake with the mold sent by my mother. It turned out as great as Animal’s cake. These ladies are strong bakers.


We met her at school during the day for a special lunch (Blake’s Lotaburger), followed by donuts for the class as a treat. In turn they treated me to a concert of sone songs they had prepared for Mother’s Day that I (as a dude) did not get to see. Great fun!


Saturday we held a big party for Sweetums. She basically keeps asking for the same party so we keep delivering. As long as she likes it she will get it.

Sweetums party recipe: Jumper, Party Games, Food.

That’s it. A hot air balloon themed jumper which is fitting for New Mexico. Kids love that shit. Lisa put together a number of games for the kids to play. Water Balloon toss, Donut eating and Something about pouring water over their heads into the cups behind them. I dunno where she got them all but the kids loved them. Messy silly wet fun. What else do you need to keep people happy?

Lisa getting in on the fun.
Tossing balloons
Eating donuts hanging from a string.
Surprisingly good at this.

They kids and the adults had a lot of fun. Lisa has received a number of compliments of the party. No one has said shit to me. I didn’t do much planning, just set up but still why assume she did all the work? The nerve!

I am incredibly grateful to have Lisa here to plan and coordinate such events. I am a lucky husband and father to such amazing girls.

Happy Birthday everyone!

What are your favorite party games from childhood?


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