Weekend Fun, Birthdays and News!

As usual life keeps moving no matter how much I want to sit down and read. Seriously. I’m 2/3rd of the way through Cibola Burn by local authors James S.A.Corey. I hope I meet these guys in a local coffee shop someday just to thank them for the well-written books and consistent characters. Never before have I wanted so badly to play a character in a movie or TV show before reading Holden AND Bull. I guess my chance for Holden as passed but we haven’t gotten to Bull yet.

Weekend Fun

My aunt and her whole family came into Albuquerque this weekend to attend a wedding. WE had limited time with them so we did what New Mexicans do best: eat breakfast burritos. Normally Lisa and I don’t eat this way to be honest but you make accommodations for family. We picked up a variety of burritos, a cornucopia of carne if you will, some Frontier sweet rolls and had at it. We went with Golden Pride, a local chain that consistently wins “Best of the City”. None of them were disappointed.

After breakfast we took them up the Tram to Sandia Peak. It went by a little fast seeing as they had to get back and get ready for their wedding but then again the view from the mountain is stunning no matter how short it may be.


That night the middle-school choir had a celebratory BBQ. I dunno why. What makes coir so special they put together their own year-end shindig? Meh, it was food so we went along to participate. Sort of. Animal got their with her peers and proceded to ignore them all and read. I have trained her well.


Then Lisa and Sweetums and I played frisbee, because I always keep one in the truck for just such an emergency occasion. You just never know.


Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day was pretty low-key which as it turns out is exactly what we all needed. The Baha’i Junior Youth took Animal out for her upcoming birthday (Wednesday), Lisa headed off to do some solo shopping and Sweetums and I hit the links! The Mini-Golf links. Putt-putt actually, yes the one mentioned in Breaking Bad, and yes it is the Bomb.


After that we came back to the house and rested. WE watched a little bit of Avatar: The Last Airbender. We finished Book One of Legend of Korra, but the girls wanted a refresher on the original. I spent some time in the hammock with my new old friend James Holden and tonight American Gods.



The big news is that I have been approved to host an after school Dungeons & Dragons activity next year! That gives me the summer to put together a campaign for an unknown number of middle-schoolers. The coordinator scared me by mentioning up to 60 kids sign up but then she said most groups settle in at around 15-20. That’s still a lot but manageable. Still, I would have found a way to make 60 work (with help). If a kid wants to come and play D&D, I’m not turning them away.

So lots to do on this front. I’ll keep you updated as I’m very excited about it and Animal has said she’ll be in my club and she’s willing to DM too!

What do you have coming up? How was Mother’s Day?

Happy Mother’s Day to all!


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