Cedro Peak 50k

Last Saturday was my first race of the 2017. The Cedro Peak 50k here in beautiful Tijeras, New Mexico. Seriously this one is in my backyard. And my backyard is beautiful.

Leading up to the event I had not been running as much as I would have liked. We had just finished a weight loss challenge at work and I had dropped my weekly mileage in favor of adding some weight-lifting/body-weight routines into the mix. Therefore instead of 30-40 mile weeks with appropriate long runs I was running approximately 20 – 30 miles at most with my longest run at 15 miles the week before the race.

I’ve been running nearly every day for years so I wasn’t afraid of being complete shit out there but I wanted to perform well.

0700 start meant a 0630 check in. It was cold and cloudy. Meaning we were in the clouds. Yeah that happens at 7600′. Still it was fun to be ready to go and feel the energy coming off all the people huddled into their sweatshirts.

Shorts and no sleeves was a bad choice for the cold.

The sun was obscured for the first three hours. At first it was just cold but as the day progressed it stayed mercifully cool, never breaching 60º. Perfect running weather.

I felt strong and really tried to let my body guide me through this race. I ran whatever felt comfortable not what pace I wanted my Garmin to say. Turns out I was doing alright.

I averaged 12:29/mile, which is pretty god for 31 miles. On top of that I averaged 150bpm which means I was working aerobically the majority of the time.

Cedro Peak in the distance
Climbing the road to the peak.


Last year I DNF’d at Deadman Peaks due to GI issues so that was my biggest worry for Cedro. However I was able to eat anything and everything I wanted and I had no issues hydrating. I topped of at each Aid Station and ate whatever I felt like. Guacamole wraps, bacon, handfuls of M&M’s and Fig Newtons were my picks.

I generally alternated between filling up with Tailwind or water and I would drink whatever water or soda was available. This included picking up a cup of Mountain Dew (which I detest) only to find that is was not Mountain Dew but it was Pickle Juice. I was NOT disappointed.

View from the Peak.

If you are looking for a Great race, this is one of them. Beautiful terrain, technical but runnable and exceptionally well manned and appropriately spaced Aid Stations. The longest spacing was 8 miles and that one felt like forever! Kim King does a fantastic job putting this race together.

I followed this guy for much of the way. We’re twinsies.

Lisa and the girls were waiting for me as I crossed the finish line. Thankfully they hadn’t been waiting long. We’re doing this thing now where they meet me at the end and avoid the all-day waiting that happens at ultra races. I was very happy to see them. I always am.

I was also happy to have had such a solid race. It felt good and wasn’t a slog-fest to the end. Made a couple trail friends along the way and got to spend Earth Day outside in the best playground of all.



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