Recent Outings.

Nothing fancy. I wanted to share a few recent outdoor activities with you. First a week ago I went out for a long run in the foothills of Albuquerque. Seriously they never get old. What started out as a rare run in the rain (light drizzle) turned into an even rarer slog to finish in a nasty surprise snow storm.

At first the sleet was a nice change. Not what I usually get here in the high desert. I spent much of the beginning of the run looking for the mountains that were all around me but obscured by the clouds.

Then the wind picked up and gave me a glimpse.


That’s when it turned. The wind that moved the clouds over the mountains brought a change in weather. The rain turned into sleet as I climbed higher into the foothills. The wind picked up. About 7 miles in the sleet became thick heavy snowflakes, still with the wind.

Just prior to a snow flurry!

It came down fast and hard. I was instantly soak through and kept warm only by the heat generated by running. I tried to take a picture of the craziness of the storm but my phone was damp and my hands too cold and wet to activate the screen (seriously ready for the terminals from the Expanse).

I made it home safely. Cold and wet and numbed hands but it was fun?

Date Hike -La Luz!

We’ve been busy lately what with two kids and two jobs and a shitload of other things. Our regular dates had fallen by the wayside. That’s no bueno. So yesterday we took the opportunity to spend some time hiking. It’s a bit of a default for us but that’s because it always works.

We started at Piedra Lisa and took the new route that jogs over and meets up with the La Luz Trail. We had never tried the connector and La Luz has been a distant memory.


La Luz always offers excellent views. We went a couple miles in and had snack break before heading back down.


A post that at first appeared to be mysteriously marked with runes, simply told us which trail led to the Tram. I liked the runes better.


She had a great time. Can you tell?

FYI piedra lisa means “smooth rock” in Spanish. It’s pointing at her!

La Luz Training Run

I decided to go and make a first attempt at a training run on La Luz. Registration is opening in May for the trail run all the way to the peak so no time to start training like today!

I basically repeated our hike from yesterday but instead I was running.


My goal today was to keep my HR low, hopefully aerobic and try to acclimate to the step trail again. I mostly succeeded. If by that I mean I spent most of the run in the Threshold Zone instead. But staying out of the Max HR for most of it. I call that a win.

Hello old friend.
Me and my Ponderosa Pine friend.
Always more up there.

Lots of sunshine today. Between the hike, yesterdays run and then today’s run I’m a little sunburned. My Mexican skin will soon turn that into a brown tan but today it stings a little. One week ago I was caught in a snowstorm and worried I had gotten too cold while out. Today: sunburn. I love the high desert.

Picture swap!

Side note: both my S-Labs and my Speedcross shoes have 500 miles on them. While they still feel great I know it’s only a matter of time before it hurts. Time to get some new shoes.

Enjoy your time in the sun! What are you doing this weekend?


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