New Mexico Spring Break Road Trip

Wow, that’s a lot of words in that there title. It is however very accurate.

For Spring Break this year we opted to stay within our adopted home-state and see some of the sights we had not yet visited. One of the unseen benefits of settling down to live in a place you did not grow up is that all the boring, humdrum local things everyone from there takes for granted is new and exciting for you!

I grew up in Minnesota. A wonderful state that by some accounts, just keeps getting better. But I’ll tell you this: I don’t give a shit about the Mall of America. I’ve been to Valley Fair more times than I can count and I practically lived at the MN Renaissance Festival through middle school and into college. All great things but

Been There and Done That.

I’m not from New Mexico so all the “usual” things folks are tired of here are new and fun to me and HOLY SHIT how can you be tired of all this Native culture and Meso-American History and Old West ghost towns and the amazing beautiful natural wonder that is this entire God-Blessed State?!?!?!

Day 1

Mostly a travel day. We headed south from ABQ and drove to Elephant Butte for a lovely picnic lunch and a break from being in the truck. What we got was a windy, gritty, rainy lunch and a brief break from being in the truck.


Seriously it was so windy we thought we were going to blow away and the rain that hit us felt like it was coming from 100 miles away. We ate quickly and got back into the truck to continue to Silver City. Included along the way was a stop over at Percha Creek and a view of the Chino Copper Mine.


Once we got to the KOA cabin in Silver City we settled in for the night and let me tell you it was easy. The KOA cabins in general are nice and clean and cozy but the KOA in Silver City was the nicest we have seen yet. I’ll stay in a KOA cabin over a hotel any day.


Lisa and the girls relaxed after a quick dinner partially supplied by us and the pizza part supplied by the KOA kitchen.


Those were the most serious pictures I could get. Really.

We’ll get into day two next time. Until then, enjoy April.

Did you go anywhere for Spring Break? Where? With Whom and Why?





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