What’s happening?

Apologies for the long delay in between posts. Lots has been happening to keep life…..constant.


Work while still great has been relentless. It’s Cold and Flu season so everyone is coming into the clinic with a sore throat and sinus pressure. Add to that the allergy season has started early and strong here in New Mexico…. Work is busy.

Outside of work, well life is busy there too. We and Baha’i’s around the world are in the tail end of The Fast. From sunrise to sunset for 19 days we neither eat nor drink. It’s rough but spiritually gratifying. Don’t talk to me at 4pm because I’ll be pretty salty (salty here means grumpy and liable to say something mean in a snappish manner).

Rain Wilson wrote an article a number of years back about the Fast (read it here) and he’s right it is tough and uncomfortable (it is supposed to be) but it places perspective on things.

It hasn’t all be rough and tumble though. There has been plenty of fun and exciting activities keeping us busy. Just before the Fast is Ayyam-i-Ha which we celebrated by getting all the local children’s classes together for a skating party! Roller skating is harder than I remember, I spent more time on roller-blades as a kid but still Lisa and I made most of the other adults look like beached walruses. Sweetums of course had a blast. Animal is old enough now to be too cool to hang out with us for pictures.


Sweetums school library held a Beatrix Potter fancy Tea shindig (my name for it) and we got all dressed up!


Of course no weekend is complete without a trip to the archery range. Animal got a bow for Christmas and we had not made the time to adjust it and try it out. She invited a friend along who had never shot a bow before. Sweetums I think looks like a Pro.

Serious bow face!
She means business.

Finally we have been playing a lot of board games at our house. Clue is a recent addition that everyone loves. I had not played since I was Animals age and it showed but I’ve won my fair share of games.

Animal and I continue to play Tak. It gets more fun and more complex every time. Mostly we are evenly matched but some days she kills me.


OK I got that of my chest. Happy to have said something at least. It’s been on my mind while I do all that other fun stuff. Oh and DnD. I do some of that pretty much every day.

See you around here soon.


What’s been keeping you busy?


5 thoughts on “What’s happening?

  1. I’m impressed with your fasting, how do you keep your energy being a nurse? I’ve read after the first handful of days the energy is stable, but wow. I’ve been dying to do something like that to attempt healing my body…but mentally…I….struggle. HA.

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    1. Just kidding, you can see my ignorance on the topic. I thought it was 19 days no food and drink…at all. But still, not while the sun is up is intense! You should share more about your experience, I’d love to read it.

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