Another 15 Years in Chicago

Last time we left off (a long time ago I know) with Lisa and I visiting the Bahá’i House of Worship in Wilmette. What is in store for our heroes you ask?

What is the next exciting adventure?!?!

Hamilton! That’s What’s Fucking Next!


I learned that Hamilton was showing in Chicago only after I planned the trip there. Then I learned that there was a Digital Lottery where you can enter to win tickets for $10 each. I entered as soon as we landed in Chicago on Day 1. No dice.

So I entered again in the morning on Day two. We were at the Temple in Wilmette when the email came through…no dice. I didn’t win the lottery. So I hopped on the web and quickly procured some very expensive tickets and surprised Lisa with the news on the L back into the city.img_1282

The show is fucking amazing. It is worth all the hype. It exceeds all the hype. If you have a chance to go see it. GO SEE IT. If it is even relatively close to you, GO SEE IT.

I woke up with the songs still in my head and have been singing them ever since.That includes the Mixtape which we promptly bought. I will say this about the Mixtape: it is so good it has me listening to rap, which I don’t do. It has introduced me to new artists I want to follow and reintroduced me to artists I knew briefly a while back (looking at you Ashanti and Queen Latifah) but never really followed.

The Mixtape makes much more sense and has greater meaning after having seen the show so if you can wait until after I encourage you to do so but if not, you will still love it.


Unlike the Folksmen, we did a little Wanderin for our last day in Chicago. We made it a point to use our feet as much as we could.

After visiting the shiny “thing” at Millennium Park we walked across the street to the Chicago Cultural Center which used to be The Chicago Public Library. It is gorgeous and worth the trip to examine the detail involved in making a building that honors books and those who write and read them.



No surprise I found a couple old friends there:


Afterwards we walked through Millennium Park again and over to the shore. What was intended to be a short walk turned into a 9 mile hike around the city and through the Navy Pier. I was able to relive some old CG glory with the Mackinaw and general sailoryness with the Navy Pier in general.


Red cap of course.



Being a bit chilled from our long walk we settled into the Crystal Gardens to warm up and snack.

Shortly thereafter we picked up our luggage and headed to the airport. We had some trouble getting home but we were able to do so safe and sound so I call that a win.

Thanks Chicago.



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