Thanksgiving Update

Just a quick update for Thanksgiving. I know I know I’ve been away for such a long time. I’ve spent most of my free time Lately setting up a new DnD (Dungeons and Dragons) campaign. So you know…nerd busy.

But I am still running and working and blessed with an amazing family.

We are on our own here in ABQ. All of our family is back in the Mid-West. While sometimes that makes us a bit sad-faced, many times it leaves us free to do as we choose. We can create our own traditions and paths for our family.

This Thanksgiving it was just us at home. No traveling, no visitors and no shopping. I started the day by putting the Turkey in (yes one of the few days we plan to eat meat) then going off for a short run.

A regular touchstone for me. I think I need a bear tattoo.
Hello Mountains!

When I got home it was time to dish up and eat. I am blessed to have such a beautiful and productive family. Look what they did while I was traipsing about the desert!


Turkey, baked yams, roasted Veggies (golden beets, carrots and brussel spouts), Sauteed Asparagus and mushrooms, deviled eggs and Celery and Onion Stuffing Bread from Great Harvest Bread. Oh and shrimp for me because…seafood.

The girls decorated the table on their own and Animal made both the Apple and Pumpkin pies all on her own. They were delicious.

Proud baker.
There is a pie under there…


Afterwards we played at the park. The girls played while Lisa and I walked laps to mitigate the meal and let loose a little gas (I’ll let you guess who was doing that). Then back to the house to relax. For ,e this meant digging into my DnD books to whip up an adventure for my PCs. Ah the good old days are alive again.



Today for #OptOutside we stayed close to home. We went to a nearby but infrequently visited park to play soccer and Frisbee and climb trees. There were lots of folks out enjoying the weather. You never know who you will see at the park. Families playing and a young man with his coach doing sprint drills. I casually asked the coach what they were training for. His response?

“He’s a two time olympian with a bronze in the 400 Meters”. Yeah. That’s whose at the park. An Olympian and the crazy lady literally dancing across and around the park.

She danced across the whole place. Get down on it!


We finished out Opt outside by doing yard work and roasting marshmallows. Can’t get much better than that can it? Tomorrow I think we are going to see Moana and then next week Lisa and I will be celebrating 15 years married. I have plans. I’ll fill you in after..I think she’s watching me…..


I pray you had a safe and happy Holiday with your loved ones.


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