How many times can I say we had a busy Weekend?

Yeah yeah you get it. We ended up doing more than we planned and even though it was a three day weekend for me, after it all I’m tired and now I have to go to work and give probably 3000 flu shots in the nextthreedaysandnowI’mjustcomplaningandtalkingtoofastlikeagnomefromtheDragonlancebooks.

What? You haven’t read the Dragonlance books? Go check out the first three in the series. They’re the best of the lot and I still find them inspiring.

Date Hike

Lisa and I spent Friday morning hiking in the Bosque. It is lovely living up in the foothills but there is something nice about those big trees down by the river.


Rio Grande


Surprised us a bit but we didn’t get run over!
Sandia’s in the background.

Saturday we spent finishing up some costume ideas and then off to a Halloween party with some Baha’i friends. It was a very good time with very good vegetarian chili.

Why is Lisa giving me The Stink Eye?
WTF are they looking at?

It was fun and we enjoyed ourselves but man were we tired and grumpy the next day. Well, I was at least. I worked it out on a quick run in the afternoon though.

I swung by Active Imagination, our friendly local nerdstore Gaming store to preorder a new DnD book and maybe pick up some Magic:the Gathering cards. I was planning on teaching Animal how to play since some of her friends at school play and I’m old enough to remember when MtG came out and didn’t have worldwide tournaments.

Anyway I got a few free starter decks from the fine folks at AI and we played a quick intro game. She took to it quite well and I’m guessing we’ll have more games coming up.

Future Geek.

I pray you all had a wonderful weekend? Who has played MtG? Come on admit it nerds!


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