Another Long Weekend

Another long weekend here and looking to make the most of it. Which means I really want to take long runs, read the latest Jay Kristoff book and get some shit laid out for the next DnD campaign (first in a few years).

Actually all of that has or will happen this weekend. So I’m good. There are just a few more things happening in between all of that goodness.

Firstly Friday was date day for Lisa and myself. Lisa had the honors of planning it. Initially it was going to be a hike up on the peak, but she’s been sick all week and is not yet fully recovered. That and we found out last minute that Sweetums was tie-dying a shirt with her class on Friday. We of course like to be involved in anything we can, so we jumped over there first before heading out on a smaller trail.


We hit the Embudo Trail which is just a few minutes from the house (I love living in the foothills). A relaxed pace in and out and we had four miles under our feet and lots of sunshine.

I particularly enjoy coming through the canyon into the open basin deeper in the foothills. It felt very secluded from the city and would make for a beautiful hike/run in the snow (taking notes for this winter).

The next part of our date was less flashy but equally important: we had a little sit down about money. It was an overdue financial talk and actually left us both a bit uplifted. We are currently in a better place than we have been in a long while, maybe ever. **don’t fuck it up…don’t fuck it up**

After school we hung out with the girls and had a movie night. Meet the Robinsons. 2007 Disney flick. Not bad. I could go on about how predictable it was and how quickly I figured it out but I’m a fucking 36 year old man watching a kids movie. I’m the winner.


Animal went out the door early to a Jr Youth event in Santa Fe. Actually I brought her. It was early and the weather decided to turn here in ABQ so it was pretty damn cold. I got her off with her group and since I was close to the river I changed my plans and did my long run down in the Bosque. 11.5 miles in a nice relaxed pace. I saw a coyote briefly (one of my favorite animals) and ate an energy bar made out of crickets. img_0814It was pretty good. I ordered a box of them after reading about them in Trail Runner. They taste like an ordinary energy bar BUT WITH CRICKETS. About 75 per bar I think. Much more sustainable than beef protein.

Check them out over at Jungle Bar.

I got some nice pictures of the cottonwoods in the Bosque but none are changing color yet. It will come soon though. And the Rio Grande is always amazing.

One interesting discovery was a small half-built shelter that was apparently recently visited by a school group. I noted some papers attached to it as I ran by and upon closer inspection I found this:


All of the papers were differing versions of this same story. Obviously an assignment for the nearby students of the Bosque School but still an unexpected find 3 miles into my run.

After that fun it was my turn to hang out with Sweetums while Lisa headed out for an event. We did what any father and daughter do to have fun on the weekend. We cleaned her room.

I’m just kidding! No we did really clean her room but first we had a tickle fight. Then we played Hide and Seek tickle (when you find the hiding person you tickle them). It’s our invention so don’t play it unless you send us a quarter!

After all that fun we decided to get out of the house and hit the local establishments. Rita’s and Page 1 Books. I had it in my head to find a new Halloween themed book and Italian Ice is always nice on a warm day. Oh yeah and the gummy bear donuts.


Following this is was hang out at home with everyone once Animal and Lisa returned from their events. A pretty solid couple days.

Today: Children’s Class and I had a practice run on the 10k Trail run I signed up for last minute. It will be next Sunday. I’ll let you know!

Best of all? Animal and I sat down and made her first Dungeons and Dragons character. Super excited nerd dad here. I’m going to run her through a few encounters later this week.

I pray you all had a fun and love filled weekend. We certainly are blessed here.

What did you do? Did it involve running or dice rolling?


4 thoughts on “Another Long Weekend

  1. Ha! Funny you should mention JUNGLE BAR because I was JUST looking up protein bar options for my fiance that are DECENT. If I wind up finding one or two for him to sample, I WILL NOT be telling him about the crickets. Because then I will hear nothing but crickets… HA!

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