Bulletin Board

I mentioned that my project two weekends back was to put together the Bulletin Board for the elementary school library. I spent most of my day off acquiring the materials and piecing it together.

**New Parents, Those Expecting, DINKS (Double Income No Kids) and Single People Without Kids (pronounced Lucky bastards who don’t know how good they have it) please take note: you will be expected, encouraged and even coerced into all manner of things at your child’s schools. Many of them you will willingly take on, especially in the early years. Kindergarten parents…well they are just funny now in their zealotry. Many things you will not be interested in. Such as PTA membership, Door-to-door cookie sales and fucking choir boosters.**

This was a project I volunteered for. I have something of a creative streak in me. I play DnD. I took every art class in high school. I did theater. I can rock a bulletin board.

Honestly I just wanted the chance to have a little fun and do something the kids and maybe the grown ups can enjoy. Here is my finished product:


I had more ideas, they just kept coming but I didn’t really have enough time and I was already late on turning it in. I’m happy enough with it. I’ll just have to do more with the next one in May.

My favorite poem is on the road there. What is a favorite poem of yours? Do you  have one?



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