Saturday Fun

Today was my day with the girls! Yay! Lisa decided to head off and so some yoga all day. LAME. I’m just kidding (but not really). 65257080In all seriousness though I am happy to have sent her off to take a day for herself. She doesn’t get it enough.

This did mean that the girls and I got to spend the day together just the three of us, which also doesn’t happen enough. I had no idea what we were going to do but that wasn’t really the point is it?

First Thing First: Run

As I have been doing lately, I continued to get up early and drove up to the peak to run. I had selected the 7 mile course listed at but when I ran it my Garmin told me it was only 3.8. Granted it was 3.8 miles at 10000 feet in the dark so it was tough but still I intended for a bit more.

Full Moon over the parking lot.

In the end (as usual) the run was worth it just for the views. I started in the dark and was able to see the full moon hovering gently over Albuquerque.


I ran south along the Crest Spur trail then rudely awoke some campers sleeping at the fork that leads over to the Tram. I’m not sure they were supposed to be there but I don’t give a shit so long as they take care of their mess.

At the Tram station I had a clear view to the East. The sun had not yet broken through the clouds but it was getting stronger.


From here it was North, this time along the Crest Trail. It is well traveled but root-y and rocky so in the half-light it is a bit tricky. About 1.5 miles in I cut to the left and climbed a short but steepish route to the Kiwanis Cabin that sits up on a fucking rocky point overlooking the mountain. It’s a pretty bad-ass view and place to make camp. Those 1930s Conservation Corps workers were rough.

As I was heading up to the cabin I looked back to the east and saw the sun was ready to break through the cloud cover.img_0767

As I stepped up to the cabin the light noticeably changed. I had made it to the cabin right at the moment the sun broke through the clouds. What fortuitous circumstance be this?!



After attempting to take a few artistic shots I packed up the camera and continued on the trail to the parking lot. I knew it wasn’t going to be long to get back and I was a bit confused/sad as I was planning for more. I hopped in the truck and headed back home though, not wanting to head down the trail and risk being late and delaying Lisa getting off to her class.

When I was close to home though I really did have about 30-40 minutes of spare time before Lisa left. So instead of heading home I stopped at a favorite trail-head and knocked out another three miles in 30 minutes. Then I headed home. Happy to have boosted my numbers a little if not getting the full long run in. I got home on time, Lisa took off to get bent and it was Daddy/Girls Day.

Daddy Girls Day

We started this chapter of the day with a very exciting round of chores. Yes, chores. Sometimes you have to work before you can play. It wasn’t much, some homework, put clean clothes away and I cleaned the rabbit cage and swept and mopped the kitchen. Then it was up to the girls to decide what we did. Their choice? A resounding ARCHERY!

Back to the Bow! we went back to the Archery Shoppe here in ABQ and spent about an hour Flinging arrows at the targets. Actually it was mostly the girls. I spent much of my time helping Sweetums who had a good time but tired quickly. She did manage to hit the center ring at least once! She was super happy!

This might be my favorite pic of the day.

This posture kind of reminds me of Will Ferrel in the gunfight at the end of Jay and Silent Bob. Makes me smile.

Proud shooter!

It was lots of fun and I wonder if it is going to become a regular thing. We could do a lot worse.

To cap off Dad day we headed back home and watched Pirates of the Caribbean:Dead Man’s Chest. Nothing says dad like pirates.




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