Meow Wolf

Another busy weekend here. I had three days since it was my Friday 9/80 but we managed to fill all three with adventure.

Friday I spent most of the day working on the bulletin board that will go outside the elementary school library for this month. Yes I know I’m late but it was fun to do. I can be pretty creative when I want to. I’ll put up pics once it’s mounted.

Art-house Adventure!

We made a day of Saturday. We took the train up to Santa Fe. The girls had never been on a train and it made for a fun family adventure. Sweetums particularly enjoyed her hot chocolate while waiting for the train.


It was a leisurely one hour ride to Santa Fe. I enjoyed this the most I think because instead of driving I was able to sit back and relax. I read my entire new issue of Trail Runner.  Quite the blessing.

We came into Santa Fe and disembarked right into the local Farmer’s Market and Artist’s Market. This was our plan all along. So we made a lap to take a look at everything the hippies had made, which of course included artisan bread. I’m just kidding, there are no hippies here. The hippies are in Madrid. These are yuppies.


When we hit the local park the girls took the time to stretch their legs and play which is always fun to watch. I’m actually not sure there is anything more gratifying and heart-warming than watching those two play together.


Total concentration.
Happy mom, watching her kids play.

We wandered back over to the Farmer’s Market for lunch. This is Santa Fe remember. We ended up with a veggie spring roll with hot sauce, a deep fried (veggie) egg roll and a vegan breakfast burrito. Sorry no pics we were too hungry. To be fair the girls had apple and cherry empanadas as well but come on….vegan breakfast burrito? It was pretty good actually.

Meow Wolf!

The big draw for the day was Meow Wolf, the art/museum/thingy sponsored in part by local celebrity George R.R. Martin. Actually he just owns the space they are in but still it helps. Lisa tried to get us an ride to the museum with Uber but no one was working so we took a cab over and headed inside.

That place is fucked up. End of review.

Glowing musical mastodon bones.
OK I liked the neon undersea hallway.

Seriously though it is..odd and fun but mostly odd. There are all sorts of interactive displays and things to explore. You start in a haunted house (?) and end up in a mystical wonderland or a neon avenue that looks like it should be in Blade Runner. I walked through a refrigerator and ended up in a spaceport with a tall furry sleepy alien.


What. The. Shit.

There was a lot of light and noise so it exhausts you quickly. Well it drained Lisa and myself pretty fast. I had fun looking around and some of the sound and light installations were fun to play with but overall I was done pretty quickly as was Lisa.

I walked out of this place with the same feeling I have when I walk out of most “high art” installations or exhibits:

I’m not sure if I’m too stupid to understand, OR am I too smart for this horse-shit?


The girls had a blast though and we probably could have spent the rest of the day and evening there (open until 10pm) so that makes this a win regardless of my feelings. I could take the family to Chichen Itza and I’d never want to leave and the girls would wonder why we’re looking at crumbling rocks with faces but this creepy dome is full of eyeballs and that plastic Santa Clause statue glows sometimes…Killer! The statues outside were awesome though.

We snacked under the spider while waiting for our ride back to the depot to catch our return train. We hopped on and headed home, resting and reading on the train. I lost a few games of Rock.Paper.Scissors to Animal.

Our last drama was unexpected and unnecessary. We missed our stop getting off the train. Actually the train left before we could get off because the doors we came in were not lined up with the platform and we had to then rush back a car to get off there.

Only we couldn’t because there was another family rushing to get off but they had a young girl in a walking boot and crutches who couldn’t run from a drunken snail. The result was us watching our truck shrink into the distance.

We got off at the next station three miles down after sharing some words with the employee on the train. After a few minutes of texting friends, Lisa accidentally ordered a ride through Uber. We were brought back to the truck and returned home probably fifteen to twenty minutes behind schedule. Life is hard.

All in all it was quite a day. I enjoyed the Farmers Market and the park and the train ride was probably my favorite. I’d say go check out Meow Wolf. It’s worth a visit. After one visit though, I’d rather get outside and get some earth under my feet and wind in my hair.

This more my speed:img_8270

Not this:


In or out? Where do you prefer to play?

High art? Real or bullshit?




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