A Full Life is a Happy Life

OK I meant to get a post out earlier than this but as the title implies, I’m a busy man. I have a busy wife. We have busy kids. All of which adds up to a full and sometimes overwhelming life. Though usually, we are happy and blessed to be able to live so fully. Let us examine last weekend, Labor Day weekend.

Our Labor Day Weekend schedule included the following:

  • Birthday Party #1 (Sweetums)
  • Birthday Party #2 (Sweetums)
  • Birthday Party #3 (Animal)
  • Pool Party (All)
  • BBQ Party (Josh)
  • Study Circle (Josh/Lisa)
  • MockingJay Part 1
  • Long Run (Josh)
  • Yoga class (Lisa)
  • Hike (Lisa)
  • Fuck me, that’s enough.

I started Saturday with a new routine. I get up and run every morning before work but on the weekends I’ve been sleeping in (meaning no alarm and I get up when I get up then I run). So I wanted to try something new.

I got up at my regular time (4:30 am) and drove up to the peak of the mountains (about one hour) and then ran up there. Training at altitude is nothing new and technically I’m always at altitude since we live at approx 6000′ but I figure going from 6000 to 10000 feet once or twice a week will yield benefits. At the very least it provides for some amazing views. The trails on the top of the Sandia Mountains are scenic and well just beautiful.


Looking back at my starting point.

I took the Crest Trail north from the parking lot. I intended to do a nine mile lollipop run but that didn’t exactly happen. After 6 miles I lost the trail in front of me. I was cruising right along and then …nothing. I spent 5-10 minutes looking and I had a pretty good idea of the direction I should have been going but I did not feel comfortable bushwhacking.

So instead of quickly finishing the last three miles back to the truck I turned around and ended up running a total of 12 miles up there. I was tired and not mentally prepared for that but as I already said, the views were worth it:



Peñasco Blanco
Looking down on a “fluffy” cloud. I miss Bob Ross.

I came home later than intended but still with time to settle into our day. Lisa took Sweetum’s to Birthday Party #1 and I got a little quality time with Animal. It had been a while since we had our own date so I surprised her with a little something special.

We went to an archery range.

We have all read The Hunger Games series and we are finishing the movies this weekend and Animal has remarked a couple times about wanting to shoot a bow. I used to shoot as a young (er) man and even owned a pretty nice recurve bow for a while. She was happy and we spent about 2 hrs there. I think she would have stayed all day and she is already asking to go back.

I do think I’m obligated to point out that both she and I hit a few targets in the center, pretty near the bulls-eye. Not consistently mind you, but it’s fun to brag about.

We celebrated by heading home and watching Mockingjay Part 1. meh

Watch out Katniss!


Sunday involved a pool party for the Baha’i children’s classes. Lisa took Animal and Sweetums and I stayed home. We skipped that pool


party in favor of resting, catching lizards img_0665in the backyard and painting prior to Birthday Party #2 that evening which was also a pool party. I painted a Mockingjay propoganda poster and this little tidbit:

Yeah that’s right. Owlbear baby! Look out professional artists everywhere! Somehow I always end up drawing or painting something related to DnD or fantasy or something like that. I’m a nerd and I’m proud to say so.

The evening Birthday/Pool Party was lots of fun. I played and splashed with the both kids and though she was timid at first, once Sweetums went down the water slide once she couldn’t get enough! Then it was home to bed.

Monday (Labor Day)

At this point we were just trying to make it through the day. Lisa went for a long hike and I played with the girls at the park. I do love Frisbee. Animal went to Birthday Party#3 (another pool party) and Lisa and I played at home with Sweetums. A friend came  by to visit with us and have dinner as the rest of her family was out of state or working.

It actually turned into a pretty relaxed evening and a great way to end a long and full weekend.

I am grateful to be blessed with family and friends about me, to be able to enjoy the world around me (on fucked-up extra long runs) and to sit at home and nerd out. I think there will be lots more of that very soon.

I pray you all had safe and happy holidays. What were you up to? Did you get outside and enjoy nature?


2 thoughts on “A Full Life is a Happy Life

  1. Great post! Amazing that you wake up at 4:30– of I did that, I’d have to go to bed by 7 or 8 which would be impossible. I’m impressed. Your photos are gorgeous- looks like some amazing running spots! Glad you’re able to get in these fun runs with everything you have going on. I ran another trail race last weekend and am still obsessed. You were right- I’m hooked! Cheers!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Your photos of where you run are so gorgeous — nature never ceases to amaze me and instill such a sense of peaceful gratitude within me. So fun that you took your daughter to shoot a bow, and she looks like such a lil pro! Love it.

    Liked by 1 person

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