Pleasantly Surprised

Just a quick little update on (what else) running.

Those of you following along at home know I’ve been trying something new this year: actual training. I’ve been following this plan laid out by Trailrunner Magazine’s resident coach and funnyman David Roche.*

* Let it be known I’d love to have David as a running coach but since we cannot currently justify any expense in that area I secretly steal his secrets from his articles online and in print

As a part of following a plan beyond “Run today” I have been implementing intervals on Wednesdays. Aside from telling me to “Slow down you fat fuck!” my Garmin is willing to help me train. It comes embedded with training programs including intervals. I’ve been running 4 x 1 mile intervals on Wednesdays with a 1 mile warmup and 1-2 mile cool-down.

It’s been about a month and a half I think. It has been going well but some days I feel pretty sluggish. OK most days I feel pretty sluggish. Some days I feel like Speedy Gonzales.


OK not very often but it feels good when I do.

Anyway it’s been a bit and often I still feel slow even during the intervals (who doesn’t feel slow at 5am?) though it generally doesn’t hold true.

Yesterday I got up and headed out the door. Same as usual, 1 mile warm-up up to Tramway then 4 1-mile intervals. I as feeling good so I extended the cool-down a bit by heading down the arroyo and getting some trail under my feet, ending up with 8 miles.

Once finished and showered I was able to look at my stats for the run and Lo! and Behold! I was not only feeling pretty good but I was moving pretty quick.


After a nice easy warm up, my intervals were pretty quick and each one was faster than the other! I’m not breaking any speed records but I’m pretty happy with that. Do I expect to repeat it every time?

No but it is gratifying to see progress I wasn’t expecting to see. I guess I better keep on keeping on.

For those interested here is the link to the run details on Garmin Connect. Strava is not accurate as it doesn’t distinguish the 1 min rests in-between each interval.

** F.Y.I. when I Googled ‘pleasantly surprised’ for images the Nacho Libre gif popped up. I don’t know why but it did so I felt obligated to use it. That and it pretty much looks like me with a mustache. **


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