Catching Up on Recent Events

Well I haven’t been around much lately other than comparing myself to a broken down, tired western whore. So what has been happening?

School has set in for the girls which means Lisa and I are back to work double-time. Our work and managing the kids schoolwork. Now, granted Animal is much easier to handle because she is old enough to manage a lot of her stuff. Sweetums? Well she’s just adorable.

No we didn’t bring this one home…….but it was close.


Back at the beginning of August my mom, her husband and my nephew came into town to visit before the girls started school. It was great to see everyone and we were able to show them a few things around town.

Firstly we took them to the zoo for a concert. Albuquerque brings lots of acts in to play at their beautiful venue and regardless of the type of show it is a good time. We saw a bluegrass band, The Infamous Stringdusters. They were pretty fucking good. Good enough in fact that we stayed throughout the rain for the whole show and by the end we were all up dancing.

Don’t mind the eyes, she’s really very nice.
Even Rainbow Dash came along!


I danced for at least an hour, probably longer and some of it with Sweetums up on my shoulders. It was a workout, but that’s not the most important thing to say about this:

Dancing barefoot in the rain to bluegrass music while I live in the Southwest? OK mom, you win. All your cowboy propaganda when I was a kid must have worked.

Oh and they did a killer bluegrass rendition of Don’t Think Twice It’s Alright. That’s Bob Dylan for those of you wondering.

The Next Day (David Bowie reference btw) we took them all out to Acoma. Lot’s of people here are of the mindset: if you have visitors and you can only take them to one place: Take them to Acoma. So we did. We had been out there previously but it was great to go back.


I attempted to take a few artsy pictures as well and was moderately successful.



And of course the Pretty Lady I kept following around:


Bottom line: Our family had a great time and we did again. It’s a beautiful place with a scarred history and I would highly encourage anyone nearby with time to go and see Acoma.


Do you see the secret staircase?


The rest of the visit was mostly calm and quiet. Maybe I’ll get into the parts that weren’t later. I’m happy that they came and even a little happy they left. I love my family but yeah we moved away for a reason. Ha!

I pray you all have had a happy and healthy summer. Anybody do anything special?

I’ll leave you with the Stringdusters:



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