Boohoo Yahoo

Today is Friday and yesterday was the first day of school here. It is much earlier than back in MN where we waited for Labor Day (gotta get those crops in kids!). It is as indicated by the title, a mixed-bag of feelings. Saying that is something of a misnomer. I understand and am capable of multiple feelings, but not at the same time.

Boo Hoo

Our kids are older and more grown and we are sad. They don’t stay little for long and though every year gets better and better, I at least always find myself wishing I could stay right where I am with the girls. I am having so much fun with them. At least a couple times I’ve thought that Heaven might just be coming back here in reliving these last few years with the girls. It’s been THAT good.

ALAS! It cannot last nor should it. They do keep getting better and better as they get older.



This kid was so ready for 1st grade. We walked over and waited for the teacher, who never showed. Unfazed, Snookums walked inside with us in tow and found her seat and set up shop.


After that she was done with us and we were off to deliver Animal to her new hunting grounds: Middle School!

Here is a sneak peek of Snookums in class I was able to snag on Friday when Lisa and I were at a volunteer breakfast.


Middle SChool! Dun Dun Dah!

(insert dramatic music here)


This kid is ready for school. We calmly walked the half-mile to the front door, waited briefly for the bell to ring and in she went. Lisa cried a little. I …I might have too, or maybe there was dust in my eye….It was windy.

I think it says something about our girls that they are both so willing to go forward and try new things. They get nervous sure but they still drive on (Johnny Cash reference there) and as hard as it is to be left behind, it feels like we are doing something right. Boo hoo Yahoo.


In celebration of our newly returned freedoms we turned our boohoo first day of school into a yahoo date! It was my glorious task to come up with this date so I fell back on two old winners for us: Hiking and Food.

I took Lisa up the trail to the Eye of the Sandia’s. She had never been up to it yet though she had planned it for one of her dates before. Neither one of us can remember what happened to those plans.

She didn’t know where we were going, just that we were going uphill (a lot) so she was pleasantly surprised to see the Eye as we crested the last hill.


I’m pretty sure she’s happy we made it up there (1300 feet of gain) but she accused me of getting back at her for trying to kill me with yoga. I’m pretty sure that was not my subconscious motive but who knows?

I mollified her with her favorite restaurant: Annupurna World Vegetarian Cafe. That’s right folks, our own local Ayurvedic restaurant! There is a new location by our house and Lisa is determined to keep them in business, solely on her own if needs be.The girls haven’t developed a taste for it yet so Lisa and I have had to find times to go without them.

It’s good food and it’s so healthy for you. Like healthy for your Dosha, your spirit your fucking soul! And it’s pretty tasty too and anyone with allergies can eat there because it offers something for everybody. Except for carnivores, you can go fuck yourselves. Or maybe just go to the Lotaburger down the street. Those things are pretty tasty.

I did not take pictures of my food but I will next time. I’m no food blogger, I eat things.

Post hike and she still looks beautiful and amazing. Even more so. Lucky me.


As an added yahoo we headed up to Santa Fe Saturday night for a pre-screening of Kubo and the Two Strings. The Jean Cocteau cinema in Santa Fe is owned by George R.R. Martin and the voice actor for Kubo is Art Parkinson who plays Rickon Stark in HBO’s Game of Thrones so they got special permission.

Go see this movie.


I will easily be one of the most beautiful films you watch, probably ever. The art is intricate and subtle and the world is fully realized. Everything you see belongs in the world exactly as it appears, nothing is out of place. The story is touching and exciting and the fight scenes are thrilling.

The best part though is the music. When Kubo plays his shamisen to make his magic… it’s the best. I’m buying the soundtrack. I knew that after the first song he played.

What the fuck are you doing sitting there? Pre-order tickets and get ready!

The cool down

Today we played it cool. I mowed the lawn and we lounged around the house. I’m reading Catching Fire right now and Lisa and Animal are waiting for me to finish that and Mockingjay. They’ve finished the series and have been waiting on me to watch the films. I surprised them with The Hunger Games and we watched that tonight. Maybe it will buy me some time.

Snookums seems to be fighting something off. She had a low-grade fever today and was generally listless which is not her norm. I gave her some ibuprofen and fluids and she recuperated. We’ll see how tomorrow goes.

I did manage to get a couple runs in this weekend and topped out at 36.5 miles this week. I’ll step it up to 40 for next week I think though I’m excited to incorporate some weights into the routine now that I’m cleared to use the fitness facility at work.

Oh and I did do a little DnD and make some Coconut-Almond Energy bars, just to top off the weekend.


I pray you all had a wonderful weekend and you did just what you needed.

Go see Kubo!


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