Weekend Adventure Zone

Well it was a long weekend for us here. I get every other Friday off now so we try to make the best of it. Last time we headed out of town for some camping fun. This time around we’re sticking close to home.

BTW the title comes from the podcast I’ve been listening to while on my commute. The Adventure Zone is three brothers and their father getting together to play Dungeons and Dragons for the first time. It’s pretty damn funny and inspiring me to get back into the game that I love. Check it out if you play DnD or if you don’t and you happen to like funny podcasts about people doing stuff together.

Friday was a bit of a mixed bag. In the morning we went to Flying Star for breakfast. It’s very unusual for us to go out to eat, but when we do we like to stay local. I ordered a muffin. I didn’t have to order anything more. I knew the others would order enough for all of us. Lisa got a breakfast burrito, Animal had an omelet made to order (green chile, sausage and onions) and Sweetums ordered the french toast. She’s the smallest of the small ones and her food looked like this:


I knew there would be leftovers and as a Father it is my sacred duty to finish the foods my family is unable to. It is a hard task but I try.

After breakfast it was off to the pool to watch Sweetums in her swimming lessons. It was my only chance to see her in action due to my schedule. No pics here but man is she brave and she has dramatically improved since last year.

Shit. My kids are growing up.

Lisa then headed off to work and I took the girls to..The Bowling Alley. How very Lebowski. It was their idea actually and we had a blast. I bowled  decent first game but struggled at the beginning of the second. Animal was legitimately beating me for a few frames. She was disappointed to fall behind. I think the Icee and french fries for lunch helped. So much for our reputation as healthy eaters.

Saturday I took off for Training Run #2 up La Luz. It was Long Run day so my plan was to run up 5 miles then back down to the truck. It worked out well though again it was terribly crowded. I did however run the entire time at pretty much the same pace as my previous race efforts and I felt pretty strong the entire time. And I got in some beautiful scenery.


The run was followed by a return trip to the pool so Sweetums could show off her newfound skills in play with the family. Two hours in a pool following a 2 hr run is not a bad way to recover.

Saturday was topped off with Lisa picking out paint colors! Now that we have Elm Street, Ball of Fur and some other third psychotically named paint color (who the fuck came up with this?) we can paint the front and back rooms! By ‘we’ I mean mostly me. I’m good with that. I enjoy painting.

So far it’s been a happy and quiet weekend at home. We’ll see what tomorrow brings after I GO TO MY FIRST YOGA CLASS EVER. I’m not nervous or anything but Lisa is taking me in public to do yoga. Her only concern revolved around the fact that I only have running shorts and she doesn’t want anything indecent to happen whilst I am bent in funny positions.

I’ll do my best.

Happy weekend all! See you on the trails.


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