July 4 2016

We had a busy weekend camping just prior to the holiday (more on this soon). For now just a quick update about we celebrated ‘Merica!

After a long weekend camping, we opted to stay home and take it easy for the Fourth. I stopped by a buddy’s shindig (which was mighty fine) then returned home to cook up our grub.

We invited a neighbor family over, ate and celebrated and relaxed.IMG_0460


I even celebrated by drinking my favorite rootbeer (and I’m kind of picky about it).


We headed outside at dark to start our own little fireworks show. This one is for Lisa and the girls. I could not care less about fireworks. The way I figure it I might as well take a $20 bill and burn it up for all I get from it. But they have fun.


They got a little loud and Sweetums didn’t care for it. So she ran and hid behind the best shelter she knows.


It’s OK. She perked up with the sparklers.IMG_0471

I pray you all had a happy and safe holiday. Stay tuned for camping updates and probably more running talk.


*BTW the president image was found at this deviantart site. Check out the artist. Good stuff.




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