I mentioned about a week back that we had a new family member. I figure now that she’s had a little time to settle in we can introduce her.

We are pleased to present Fauna:


We picked her up from the Animal Shelter last week. We didn’t even know she was there, we were going in to look at another rabbit. Well he was kind of a dud but this little cutie was there and though being shy she was still curious enough to check us out and let me pet her.

Here is what we know:

  • She is about 6 months old
  • She is about 3.5 lbs
  • She is black and adorable.
  • She was picked up as a stray but we don’t know for how long.


When she first got home she was fairly shy. Of course right? New place, new humans-persons and new smells. She stayed in her cage completely for two days or so and then she ventured out into the living room. Now she’s kind of making herself at home in the back room though she hasn’t explored the rest of the house yet. It’s OK. I know it’s coming.


As you can see by the pictures, she has quickly adapted to our presence and has gotten quite familiar with all of us.

I’m happy not only that she has adjusted so quickly but that we have also. Fauna is our first non-fish pet and though the girls were very excited about her (and still are) they didn’t know what they were signing up for. Lisa was pretty nervous because she grew up on a farm and never had city pets. She was not opposed to it and was very excited but she was easily the realist among us. Good. We need that.

I grew up with I think just about every pet a kid can have in the city (including a mountain lion at a house next-door). Then we moved out to the country and expanded our animal collection to include horses, llamas, pigs, goats (I had my own pygmy goat), chickens, ducks blah blah blah. I’m fucking Dr. Doolittle right?

Point is I was the most experienced city pet keeper and it was a while back.

However, judging by how cozy Sweetums and Fauna have gotten already, I think we’re going to be just fine. And I have a feeling this is only the beginning.


Do you have pets? Did you have pets?

Any favorite animals friends?

What was your weirdest pet or animal encounter?


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