Fathers Day Fun

You know, for it being Fathers Day Weekend I sure kept busy.

Yesterday I ran the Valles Caldera Trail Marathon. More on that in the next post. There’s a lot to cover.

For Fathers Day I slept in until 7:30. Then I laid out the tent and sleeping bags to air out after our weekend adventure. Breakfast and a couple games of Pairs with the girls. Seriously pick this game up. Fast and easy to play and easy to take with you anywhere.


There are a number of different decks available. We have the Fruit Deck and the Pirate Deck (of course). No winner just one loser. It’s supposed to be a gambling game where the loser doesn’t get a share of the pot. We don’t gamble. We come up with something silly or weird to make the loser do. You know like act like a chicken or put an ice cube down your pants for a minute. Yep, that was me this am. Mr. Cold-Pants.

The Life Aquatic


In the afternoon I did what I do every Fathers Day. I watch The Life Aquatic. It’s my Fathers Day Ritual.

It’s pretty much the perfect movie for me. It’s about sailors, there is a complicated Father/Son relationship and the soundtrack is 90% David Bowie (even in Portuguese). I wear a red cap with the Zisssou Society pin on it on colder months:IMG_1146

I’m still trying to find the speedo. You better bet I’ll wear that shit if I find it.

I watch it every year and every year when we finally see the Jaguar Shark and everyone puts there hands on Zissou, I cry.

A Long Time Coming

Ages ago it seems, Animal began the process of asking for a pet, specifically a bunny. Lisa and I promptly did what any parents would do and delayed by asking her to “prove” her sincere interest by researching and writing a report about pet rabbits.

Well she fucking did it and she did it fast. And she did a really good job.

Then we defaulted on our promise and put it off for way to long. Legitimate things like moving and vacations got in the way and we put it off.

Well no more! Most of my Father’s Day this year was spent at the shelter meeting rabbits. When we found one that we liked and liked us (though she’s a bit shy) we sealed the deal and adopted her. She needs to be spayed yet so we will pick her up tomorrow afternoon.

Until then we went out and got the supplies we needed and Animal and Sweetums went straight to making our home ready for our new lady.

No rabbit in there yet but very soon.

Tomorrow we get to bring Fauna home!


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