Alliterative Weekend

Well it’s been a busy workweek. I am starting to get a better feel for the flow in the clinic but let me tell you this ain’t no regular clinic. It’s special. Dealing with all these ridiculously smart people is not like dealing with the general public. I’m not going to go into it but it’s funny and draining at the same time.

And for the Love of fucking God do not Google things if you you and feeling well. Dr, Google only tells you you are pregnant or have cancer. That’s probably not true.

Bounding through the Bosque

So here we are following a busy and sometimes comical week. Animal is off at a Jr youth function for the weekend, leaving Lisa and Sweetums and myself at home. Sweetums had a birthday party which I opted not to attend so I could go for a run. If you’ve been following my running posts at all you know that my Garmin and I have a Love/Hate relationship. I love to run and the Garmin hates me and tells me regularly.

We have come to a bit of an understanding  AIDAN (my Garmin’s name) and I. I do my very best to listen to him during the week during my training runs and stay within my aerobic zone. But Saturday and Sunday are mine. I get to run with no alarms or alerts and AIDAN lets me just run (is he not merciful). I think it’s a  healthy relationship. Healthier than the one we had before at least.

I forgot to ask AIDAN to turn off his alerts and he let me know when I was too slow or too fast. Ah well, he’s just trying to help and I pretty much ignored him and relaxed into my run.  I was surprised to see afterwards that I had spent the majority of the run in my aerobic zone, about 30% of the time actually. Success! I generally shoot to have more time in the Aerobic Zone than the others.

I call this one a win.
With an average HR in the zone to boot. Double win!!


I decided to change it up since I had the opportunity and instead of running up in the foothills I ran down by the river. In the Bosque to be exact. Here in ABQ it referes to the woods that surround and follow the Rio Grande through the city and beyond. There are some trail in there but I have never run them. Until now.


I left the trailhead and cut under a low bridge to head north along the rio. The terrain was level and very runnable single-track mixed with levee roads and overgrown dirt roads used in maintenance of the bosque. There are a number of places where it is loose sand underfoot and it gets a bit mushy. All this green is a big change from the scrub and juniper I encounter up in the foothills.


As an added bonus of running down by the river, there is a river!


I attempted to run two short loops that were posted on the local trail signage but they were so short I ended up adding on a little extra bit by following a well-worn bootleg out and back.

This resulted in a few curious and delightful finds.


Not sure who made this but it’s fascinating.


I think this is one of my favorite finds on the trail though:


IU’m not quite sure why  but I love that I found horse tracks on the trail. I’m within the bounds of the largest city in the state and there are horse prints right alongside mine as I wander the trails. This is also true when I’m up in the foothills, though I’ve only personally encounter a rider on horseback once to date.

I guess I really am living in the South-West. I guess my mom really did succeed in trying to turn me into a cowboy. Damn.

It got hot (and humid, which I’m no longer accustomed to here in the desert) so I turned around and headed back to the truck. I took the loops a little further from the river and came across this little hippie-inspired scene which I found thoughtful and a little moving.

Congress for the animals?


Good message.

Back at the trail-head it was 91º, explaining the hot run. I took some time to drink more water and wander the little park that was there and take a look at the beautiful scultures. The are all carved out of old cottonwood trees. The detail on them is crazy.

It was a lot of fun to run someplace other than the foothills. NM and ABQ in particular has a lot of diversity to offer runners. I need to be more mindful of exploring that.

This week will be minimal as I’m running the Valles Caldera Trail Marathon on Saturday. Wish me luck!


Animal was away for the weekend so Lisa and I were planning on doing something special with Sweetums, we just didn’t know what yet when the weekend hit. Before I left work on Friday I was approached by the staff in our recreation office and gifted with free tickets to our local Minor League Baseball game! Huzzah!

The three of us had a ball at the Albuquerque Isotopes (yes named for the baseball team from The Simpsons) game on Saturday night. It was my first time at a ‘Topes game and Sweetum had been when she was a baby but that hardly counts. We were close to the field, ate a bunch of junk food and Lisa almost got hit by a stray foul. We had a blast (and need to bring a glove next time).

Bonus Round!

In order to streamline our out of the house activities today Sweetums and I got to have a breakfast date at Flying Star! Insane french toast FTW! I’m no Food Blogger like my frind Anisa over here but:


We split it but she ate at least half if not more. I only got two bites of the bacon.

I hope and pray you all had the weekend you wanted to have. I most certainly was graced with what I wanted and needed.

Minor League Baseball games? Who goes? Who is your team?

Venture onto any new trails recently?

Red or Green? I like them both but Red is my preferred chile.



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