Fish on!

If only.

Today is National Free Fishing Day. To participate, Lisa and the girls and I headed down to Tinlgey Beach here in Albuquerque to get in on the action. “Beach” is a loose term here. Remember this is the desert. The general elevation here is just under a mile high. Tingley beach should really be called Tingley series of small ponds with too many geese and maybe some fish in them….maybe.

Bear in mind please that I grew up in Minnesota, the Land of 10,000 Lakes. Lake Superior is on our northern border. The worlds largest freshwater lake and second largest lake in the world. OK Lake Superior to most other lakes.

My point is: I’m not impressed with this:


I guess I’m a bit of a fishing snob and fishing isn’t even my thing. I like fishing. I find it very relaxing. It gets people outside and in the nature and maybe exposes them to a new place or experiences. Now going down to Tingley Beach did all of those things. We were outside and enjoying the beautiful weather at a place we had never been before. I’m grateful for the experience.

I’m also not impressed. It’s a small pond with a lot of algae. We didn’t get a single bite, which happens in the wild as well. But it’s a pond, not a lake.

That is not to say we didn’t have fun. We did. Lots of it. This just wasn’t fishing.


We even had a little visit from a very ugly duck.


This guy came right up to us and tried get eat our snacks. When we said no he worked his way down the line and found someone who would feed him. He stuck around one fella for about 30 minutes or so. I guess he found a willing sucker.

Lisa and I had fun just sitting back and watching the girls play and fish. That’s all Lisa really likes to do here anyway. She doesn’t fish she just hangs out with those of us who are fishing and talks. Everybody wins.!

All Smiles!
Coffee and fishing!

I pray you folks got outside today and had some fun.

Anybody participate in Free Fishing Day?



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