Memorial Weekend.

It is the annual long weekend that is the unofficial start of summer here in the U.S. That means thankfulness and gratitude for all of the servicemen and women that have sacrificed all in order to provide and protect the freedoms we have.

Memorial Day was initially state-sponsored holidays honoring those fallen from the U.S. Civil War, but has since evolved to include American soldiers from all wartime efforts. Read about it here.

 Summer is Coming

Much less intimidating than “Winter is Coming” no? As I mentioned Memorial Day weekend is generally the start to summer and we put that to full effect in our house this weekend.

Firstly I went for a run with a buddy back up to the Eye of the Sandias. I know I haven’t been running like I was just a few months ago but damn it was hard to get up there. I was apparently on the edge of death the entire time.

What about those Heart Rates?! How did I not explode?


Well, whatever was happening that morning (it was hot and sunny) it was well worth the trip up to the Eye. Mike and I noted some artwork that I had not seen before and this was his first trip up.



We thought about finding a place to disappear for the weekend but only briefly. We opted to stay at home and get a few home chores done along with all the relaxing we had planned.

First off, the girls decided my new truck needed a bath. I tried to explain to them that trucks don’t really require that kind of thing (kind of like dads) but they didn’t listen.


I made a killer plate of nachos for lunch. So awesome in fact that I barely got any. Lisa and the girls ate most of it. I had to fight for a few bites before it disappeared.IMG_0231

Lisa was out for part of the day on Sunday and came home to Sweetums and I snuggling in the hammock watching Peep and the Big Wide World. I was having trouble staying awake. Not because of the show which is amazing and is narrated by Joan Cusack (she’s been in and out of my Top 5 for years) but because I’m in a fucking hammock. They are the best.


Our big Memorial Day event was planting our garden. Nothing overwhelming but something we can all work on and enjoy.

We have tomatoes, kale, peppers (red orange yellow and green), jalapeños, hot banana peppers, lettuce, mint and basil.

Lots of peppers and basil, as that gets used the most by myself and Lisa. Last year the kale did very well and we had more than we knew what to do with. I’m hopeful the lettuce does better this year.

Animal helped to fine tune the appearance. She did quite well I think. If I’m not mistaken she still plans to paint the stepping stones yet. Creative kid that one.


We capped off the weekend with a fire and a little more relaxation. I don’t think it could get much better than that.

I pray you all had a wonderful and safe Memorial Day weekend. Did you get to reflect on what Memorial Day is meant to remind us of? Did you thank a Veteran?

Happy Summer all!


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