And Now for Something Completely Different…

A couple of quick and diverse but important updates.

I’m Driving a Truck!

We’ve been a single car family for 6 years now. I’ve been biking to work and to appointments and trainings ever since graduating from Nursing school and starting work. It’s been great and we’ve saved a ton of money and prevented a great deal of emissions from polluting the atmosphere. We are happy and proud to have done it.

That being said, we’ve been planning on a second vehicle for a while and the time is now. Our girls are going to be in two separate schools, on two separate schedules with disparate activities and time frames. Lisa and I are both working days and may have simultaneous vehicle needs. We saw it coming and were planning ahead. IMG_0215

We picked out a Tacoma. I wanted a truck so I could haul all our camping gear, bikes etc and handle the supplies and equipment needed for the yard and housework that owning a home guarantees. Plus, I wanted to make sure it could get me out to those hard to reach trail-heads.

I know I know it’s not a big stretch for the likes of me. I mean, the last time I went into REI the sales guy only asked me as an afterthought to confirm that I am a member. “You’re dressed like an REI member” he told me. Hmm, long hair, running technical tee, camp shorts, buff around my wrist and running shoes on my feet? OK then a Taco so I don’t let the man down.

I’m still planning on biking to work 2-3 times a week. Especially at the beginning of the week when traffic getting onto the base is the worst. Exercise + less wait time = win!

Heads up for Bikers

A couple articles I came across today that are relevant to bikers, pedestrians and hikers/trail runners.

The first is a article from Gear Junkie on Google’s new patent for gluing people to cars. Yes it’s a thing and it is intended to keep people struck by their driver-less cars from being further injured once thrown. Go Google for thinking ahead.

More importantly, the second article also by Gear Junkie details the recent ass-hole behavior of a growing number of people that are setting traps on trails to injure and dissuade mountain bikers.


What the Fuck?! You fucking fucks!

This is dangerous for everybody. Bikers, trail runners, hikers, walkers, kids, dogs, horses. Anyone and everyone that is out on the trails is endangered by this. I am on the trails by myself, with friends and my wife and kids (and hopefully soon my dog).

Please spread the word and if you see something, say something!




4 thoughts on “And Now for Something Completely Different…

  1. Happy to hear that you approve. I would have preferred a brown or a burtnish orange but red is almost as good. Let’s go for a ride in the mountains!


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