Running Updates

It’s been awhile since I’ve been seriously running or training. The bike crash back at the end of March derailed me and it did so for longer than I anticipated. This is due to my taking recovery seriously.

Previously I would have tried to start running harder and faster a lot sooner. Previously I was an idiot. Depending on who you ask *cough my wife cough* they may say I’m still an idiot. I’m just kidding she wouldn’t say that to my face.

Ahaha ha ha ..


Moving right along.

Not gonna do it! Wouldn’t be Prudent!


In sad running news I must report that we have decided not to go up to Deadwood for the Mickelson Trail Marathon. I had been hoping/planning to get up there and run the Marathon and meet up with my mother and sister who are running the Half. My Grandparents will also be there cheering and I think a few other family and friends. Yeah, it sucks we can’t go.

Truthfully we can. I’m sure we could work it out and squeeze it in but it would be forced and probably more than a little uncomfortable. It’s just not in the cards right now. With two Birthdays, the end of the school year, a job change, summer swim classes and buying a new truck  we have too much other stuff happening for this to be a relaxing and enjoyable trip.

Maybe next time or somewhere else. I bet I could get them all to run in Florida, though I’d probably drown in all that humidity in the air.

Spinning Wheel, Got to Go Round!

I don’t just love to quote BS&T there is meaning behind that phrase. I gave up the race in Deadwood. I think it was a smart family decision. I also was supposed to run the Valles Caldera Marathon back in April. Sadly it was canceled due to weather and trail conditions. The National Park Service didn’t think it was safe or that rescue crews would be able to access the runners in the more remote parts of the course.

I just got word that the race has been rescheduled for June 18th! That means I get to run through one of New Mexico’s natural wonders. I’m not worried about the added heat as it is something I really love about running here. Plus we still get the chance to see the Longmire house!

Longmire for Sherriff!

In addition to that I also just received notice that I got into the lottery for this years La Luz Trail Run. This will be my third time running and I’m super stoked about it. It’s a brutal climb up the side of a mountain as stated in the first paragraph in the General Information:

La Luz Trail Run is a nine mile trail race that starts in the foothills of the Sandia Mountains in Albuquerque and finishes at Sandia Crest at an altitude of 10,678’ – over 4,000’ of elevation climb.IMG_0811

 That is a lot of UP. It’s hellish at times but it is so beautiful. I strongly encourage runners/hikers to enter the lottery and if you get in come and run it. You won’t regret it. Though you will probably be a little tore up. Here I am at the finish line last year:

Yeah a little bit rough to say the least, but in the traverse you get to see this also:IMG_1185IMG_1190

So all in all some very good news. I could use it as I’m a bit exhausted right now. I am fighting off a cold and working the new job, and struggling to get up and run in the early mornings. But, the girls are beautiful and Lisa is smiling. Life is good.

Running plans for the summer? Plans for the summer?

When was there a time when you thought you lost something only to have something better given in it’s place?


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