Field Trips

Last week was a busy week for the girls, which means that it was  busy for me and Lisa as well. Two field trips, two days in a row and prepping for Animal’s birthday party this weekend. Following that next week we have their actual birthdays and Sweetums birthday party next weekend. Two birthdays two days apart is a lot of fun but a lot of work. That’s what we get for having sex in August. I guess it’s a good month for us.

Kindergarten Zoo Trip

As a parent I might make the argument that ANY trip involving a class of 5-6 year olds is a trip to the zoo. However Sweetums is particularly well behaved (not my doing I assure you) and her classmates are pretty good as well. It does help that there is a lot of parent involvement. It is my experience that that is more typical in Kindergarten. New school parents/first timers don’t know what to expect in school and get all up in the teachers business. It’s good for the kids and the school, but eventually they let go and unclench their sphincters a bit and by the end of Elementary School it is a much more relaxed involvement.

So instead of chasing a bunch of 5-6 year-olds around Lisa and I were paired with Sweetums and one of her classmates. Pretty much a regular trip to the zoo with one new kid swapped out for our own Animal.

We made a few friends along the way.



Maybe because they are crazy aggressive?

Lisa did make a couple work calls but I think it’s OK given that she is so pretty.


Wildlife West Nature Park

The very next day after the Zoo field trip with Kindergartners Lisa and I accompanied Animal and her fifth grade class to a nearby animal park. We had never been here before despite having passed it a few times. IMG_0110

Initially I thought it was a small zoo but in actuality all of the animals here are rescues of some sort. It has a more diverse range of animals than the Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary which is canid specific but because of that it feels a little less put together. Don’t get me wrong the animals and their areas looked good, but the Wolf program felt like it had it’s shit together a little more. Still a great educational experience.

Animal and her pal getting ready to head out.
Looking good!



The animals were well taken care of and there was a diversity of species to see. Lots of raptors, owls, some javelina, a mule deer and some elk, turtles, cougars, and a couple coyotes (a favorite of mine).

Lisa and I were able to get up close with the mule deer and the elk petting them through the fence. The kids touched the coyote through the fence as well when there was a handler in there.

Mule deer.
Me and the Mule deer making friends.
Mule deer pose.
Elk mimicing a mule deer.
Male elk, too cool for school.

I wouldn’t put this place on the top of your visit list but if you were going to be in ABQ for a bit or making repeat visits (Mom) then this is a good place to go. My mom would love this place. She’s an East Mountains Woman through and through.

Have fun out there folks. Summer is coming!

Fond animal memories? Anyone ever wrestled a cougar? I have!





4 thoughts on “Field Trips

  1. WAIT A HOT MINUTE. WHERE ON EARTH are the giraffe photos?!?! #UPSETTING

    An animal memory that pops into my brain: I was in Auckland. We went to the zoo. It was giraffe feeding hour (the last 2 minutes)… I ran over and they were closing the area and I started to cry (thank you acting skills?) and they let me go in and pet the giraffes. Uhhhh they are really weird looking up close, but nonetheless I ADORE THEM!

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