Running tomorrow after a busy week.

Hello folks! I am deeply sorry for being so out of touch lately. Work at the PICU has been kind of nuts, not the work as much but the schedule. Three 12 hr days in a row is a long time when they are day shifts. It makes for three days in a row that I get up, go to work and come home and go to bed. Nothing else in between. Nights are where it’s at when you are in the hospital.


My time at the hospital may be over already btw but more on that later.

Run for the Zoo Half

Tomorrow is the Run for the Zoo event. One of the biggest running events in town. I’ll be running the Half and then the 1 mile with this crazy cat:IMG_1745

Animal asked all on her own if she could run with me at the zoo. It was a little late to train her up for a 5k which is what she initially wanted but we settled on the 1 mile Family Fun run.

I’m excited to get to run with her and flattered that she asked. We went out just this morning on a 1 mile run on the trails and she did a great job. I pray this could become a regular thing. It could if she decides to stop killing it at math and reading what feels like every book in the school library (at least 442 over 6 years but we know there were more).

Tomorrow morning I’ll bike the 13 miles down to the zoo, then I’ll run the Half. I haven’t been running like I wanted to be due to the crash. I’ve really only been running again for one to two weeks now but prior to the crash I could knock out a half any day of the week. I’m curious to see how this goes.

Lisa will drive down later with the girls to hopefully see me cross the finish. Then we’ll hang out a bit and Animal and I will run the Fun Run while Lisa and Snookums run point inside the zoo and get some Ice Cream (what is it with kids and Dippin’ Dots?) then Animal and I will join them after. Good times.

Run Fatboy Run


I’m also curious to see what I do since I’ve been trying to listen to my Garmin. It has the wrist based HR which seems pretty accurate as I wear it on a daily basis. I get crazy frustrated with it though when I am running as I have set it to alert when I am not in the Aerobic Zone (either too high or too low).

Initially it buzzes while I get started telling my to keep it up and I’ll get there. Then I may have a mile or two where it is silent; quietly approving of my performance like a Mafioso watching me stay true to the family from the back of his sedan during a deal gone south.

However, after this evanescent moment my Garmin, like a catholic Grandmother,  decides to constantly criticize me for moving faster than I or my poor delicate heart can take.

             Buzz-“Slow down fatso, you’re not as young as you once were!”

             Buzz-“You know Josh, I you should walk for a little while…”

             Buzz-“Don’t push yourself, you know heart problems run in the family.”

Needless to say my runs have not been as uplifting as usual lately. I’m really trying to seriously follow the guidance on training by HR and everything tells me it is frustrating at first and can be a slow process but that if I can put up with my grandmothers biting comments persevere to see the gains, the gains will be immense.

I’ll take the alert off tomorrow and just run.

See you after!


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