Birthday Fun-Part Deux


As you can see we packed a lot of stuff into our first day and we were pretty beat by the end of the day.  All this withing 2 hrs of ABQ! Awesome.

We headed off to our campsite for the night which was the Grants KOA. It wasn’t until last year or the year before that we found out you can rent cabins at KOA’s! Not just four walls and a roof (generally) but full on with bathroom and showers at some locations. This is a nice compromise with the girls who currently are a bit more particular. Lisa and I would just camp in the tent.


After dinner (pizza for the girls and asparagus soup and rice for Lisa and myself) we settled into bed in our sleeping bags and I don’t know about the others but I passed out.

Playground right next door! You never see Merry-go-rounds anymore.
Cookie smile.

In the morning we had a continental breakfast which = donuts for the girls and then headed off on our day.

Acoma (Sky City)

Our one stop for Day Two was the Pueblo of Acoma. One of the 19 pueblos in NM, Acoma is easily one of the most beautiful places I have seen in the state, and that is saying a lot. It is a pueblo built on a mesa top with a secret(ish) and highly defensible staircase that aided in their resistance of the Spanish.

It is reputed to be the oldest continuously inhabited site in the United States.

Lisa overlooking Acoma in the distance.

When you get to the museum you check in and pay your (slightly large fee) for a tour and permission to take pictures. The museum itself has a lot of great artifacts and information but it’s not as educational or entertaining as the tour.

The guided tour takes about an hour and winds you through the pueblo on the mesa top. The adobe structures are beautiful and timeless and in some places in disrepair. I agree with Lisa’s assessment though that overall Acoma appeared to be in better shape than Taos.

Church, no longer in use.


Ladder leading to a secret kiva.

The history here is beautiful and awful. I am always particularly struck by the horrific things humans are capable of doing to each other and the amazing capacity of humanity to survive.

Here the Puebloans utilized three-story housing, rotating their kitchens depending on the season. Having the kitchen on the upper floor when it was summer to let the heat escape and moving the kitchen down to the bottom floor in the winter to capture the rising heat. Ingenious and sensible.

If I lived here I’d be outside all the time. The views are, well they are beautiful. I admit I found it very inspiring in a DnD sense as well. My best DnD ideas are from history.


At the end of the tour we opted to walk down the steep, hidden staircase that had helped protect the Acoma people. I can understand why as it is basically a ladder cut into the rock in places. Snookums was a little hesitant but she did it and we all made it down safely.

Steps cut into the rock.
All smiles…..almost.
There’s a stairway there.

Home for the Birthday fun.

Afterwards we headed straight home to relax and finish celebrating my birthday and the beginning of Spring break.

Lisa and the girls made us Rootbeer floats and got a small slice of tiramisu because yum.IMG_1989

I then forced them to watch Pee Wee’s Big Adventure which everyone enjoyed (surprisingly) and they gave me my present. Which btw I do not deserve. They gave me about the best thing they can give a old sailor. My very own hammock.

I basically lived in a hammock on the ship.

That combined with the items I bought for myself on the trip (something I rarely do) makes for a very generous birthday weekend.

I’m a lucky man and happy to have my family around me to celebrate my birthday and more importantly to celebrate the ability to spend time together as a family.

I pray you all had a happy and safe Spring break.

Have you been to the South-West? Where did you go? If not you better get down here.



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