It’s the Final Countdown!

That’s right folks, it’s is almost here. No not the new X-Men movie. I honestly can’t even keep up with all the super hero movies these days. I guess they are still making them. Last super hero movie I saw (not counting Kung-Fu Panda 3) was Iron Man 2. No wait I watched X-Men: First Class at home while folding laundry. I enjoyed it. Not folding laundry. That’s like death or worse.

It’s an interesting duality of women’s underwear: That light nothing almost-not-there-ness that men find highly desirable in intimate moments (most any moment really) is also the cause of ultimate frustration. How the fuck am I supposed to fold that? I feel as is I’m grabbing at air and trying to fold it in on itself! I’m touching nothing and not able to solidly fold it into anything. It’s fucking light and shadows!

But TBH that’s what I appreciate most of the time, so I’ll try folding that rainbow in on itself and tucking it away. You’re damn right I’ll try. I digress.

Last week working for the State

My last day at the State is Thursday. I’m sad to see it go as I have said before but I think the return to the hospital is the right fit for our family as we are currently. Pediatric ICU is a new venture for me. I am excited to venture into something new but nervous to learn what it fully entails. Nervicited.

I have enjoyed my time at the State. There are some very talented, very dedicated people working for there. They are in it for the long haul and they are taking the very best care of the clients coming through the doors at NM Public Health. That being said it is not my place, at least not at this time and not in that capacity.

Let me say this: I do not want to be a part of management again. Probably ever. I’m not a great manager. I’m not as bad as this gu2014officespace12y but I’m not exactly the best choice for the job. Sure I look good on paper but my heart isn’t in it. I don’t care about Managing Employee Performance, or creating goals for the quarter. I don’t want to sit down and remind you to enter your time correctly so you’ll get paid or worry about managing schedule so everyone has their time off but we are not left short handed. I don’t care.

I want to show up and do my job the very best that I can and I want you to show up and do your job to the best of your ability. I’ll pick up slack and be flexible but I don’t want that responsibility or that paperwork.

I am however an excellent Team Lead. You want something done? Great I’ll do it, I’ll work on it, I’ll assemble  people and we’ll get it done. I’ll work hard to accomplish a goal, independently or with others, but don’t ask me to be responsible for them.

So perhaps this is a demotion, stepping down from management to floor nurse, but I get to work with kiddos instead of push papers and I’m not responsible for any one beyond myself. I feel rather free.

The Clock is still Ticking

The Fast is still on a countdown. Far less than final yet as we have through the 19th. So we’re watching the clock every morning and evening, counting the seconds we have to keep eating or to wait until we can start again.

It’s been going very well this year actually and Lisa and I have not struggled as much as we have remembered from past experiences. I think it’s my addition of protein chocolate milk that has really helped. Lisa thinks I’m right too. She super smart so I must be right.

a hearty bowl of yum!

I’ve added this Lentil and Black bean soup (stew really) to my last couple mornings and it is AWESOME.

Counting laps

I am still running everyday. What with fasting from sunrise to sunset I have modified my mileage though. I’m up and running at 4:30 still but I am shooting for 20 miles a week instead of the previous 40. I’ll use the time as easy runs to relax, recover and break in my new shoes.

Yup new shoes.

I busted a hole in my Altra’s and my Icebugs are even older than those (though they still hold up pretty well, worn down to nothing as they are). However I can’t run on old shoes and not risk injury. A quick trip to REI left me with a new pair of Salomon Speedcross 3’s. It’s my first run with Salomon (heh) but I’m looking forward to it. REI classifies these as off-trail shoes, which means the tread is crazy aggressive. Looking forward to putting them to the test.

Speaking of Tests….

Test of patience today when Animal asked me to play Catan with her. not because I didn’t want to but because damn. She’s getting good and our games take a good long while. We played two games this morning and then one this afternoon that took over an hour. It was a pretty epic board by the end and though she lost every game she still came out smiling. I lose some games to her, all legitimately and judging by her performance this morning. I had better be ready to lose a lot more.

Do you play boardgames? What is your favorite? Don’t tell me you don’t know about Catan?

Ever run in Salomon shoes (Speedcross specifically)? What was your experience? Better yet what is your shoe of choice currently?

OK if it’s not “The Final Countdown”, which 80’s rock anthem do you prefer to have stuck in your head?






2 thoughts on “It’s the Final Countdown!

  1. CHANGE IS ALWAYS NECESSARY – and it can be good, and your gut is obviously telling you so!! SO congrats!

    That chili…. If I were to eat that for breakfast… It would “gas me up” if you will – HA HA HA HA! But thrilled it’s working for you.

    I FRIGGIN LOVE BOARD GAMES… Loaded Questions is a friggin’ great one – not the typical board game… But so so so good – HIGHLY recommended!

    Oh and fun fact: one of my good friends has worked on ALL of the XMEN movies… Ha!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. There are a number of benefits to intermittent Fasting and plenty of articles talking about it online right now. Mollifies the tedious afternoon hours of the Fast.

    I’ll check out Loaded Questions. I’m always up for a new Board Game.

    So if your friend needs any moderately attractive-but forgettable guys to die on-screen or maybe just hold something…I’m game.


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