Happy Ayyám-i-Há!

It is indeed the Days of Ha! Well, it was. Today was the first day of the Fast following Ayyám-i-Há, the intercalary days in the Bahå’i calendar. During Ayyám-i-Há we celebrate through gift-giving to friends, family and charity. It is a means to reach out in some tangible way and enlarge our world just a little bit. It is a very fun time where we spend time with each other and give. Which is good because it comes just before the Fast.

The Fast

The 19 days following Ayyám-i-Há and leading up to Naw-Ruz (apparently Baha’i’s like hyphens) are the Fast. Here we abstain from food or drink from sunrise to sunset. It sounds tough and it is but it is with purpose. It is a prayerful, spiritual time of reflection and looking inward to find God (or your Higher Power if you prefer) and strengthen our spiritual relationship with our Creator.

It is also a time when Baha’i’s around the world hibernate during daylight hours cuz this shit can be hard. Lisa struggles with being a half-hour late for lunch, imagine what happens when she can’t eat for 12 hours? I’m kidding (but not really).


In all seriousness Lisa did very well Day 1 this time around. You would think I would have a harder time what with ALL THE CONSTANT EATING LAY OFF ME I'M STARVING - Imgurbut honestly I can miss a meal. I’m not saying I have pounds to lose or anything but when I do miss a meal it doesn’t affect me greatly.

I often will go out during the lunch hours and run with little to no food on me though I always have water. I just eat when I come back. A LOT.

It’s that and some other things that make Lisa think I am Kapha dosha and not Pitta as I was designated. It’s an Ayurvedic thing, which Lisa follows (and thus I follow….mostly) for her food choices. I’m curious to see what would happen if I went full Ayurveda…but not curious enough to go for it yet. I have enough happening.

Our Plan of Attack when it comes to the Fast is to get up in time to fully wake up, and then have enough time to eat and drink without rushing. Easier for me as I’m up at 4:30 every morning to go run and when I’m up I’m up.

Then it comes down to food choices. Basically how much caloric intake can we get in that will be sustaining until we eat again at close of day? I’m partial to an egg and toast, a bowl of granola with banana and almond milk, a glass of chocolate milk (I drink Rockin’ Refuel by Shamrock Farms for all the protein. No they are not my Sponsors but if they want to be….). I’ll alternate the granola with steel cut oats and raisins.

oDid I mention that we often use the Red Chile Cheddar Sourdough bread from our local Great Harvest as the toast for our fried eggs?

Be jealous it’s the fucking bomb. This bread kicks the shit out of your bread not because it can, it just can’t help it.

Lisa keeps 3-4 loaves of this shit in our freezer.Zombie apocalypse? I’m a nurse and we have red chile bread. We’re good people, we’re good.

Running …..Fast?

I’m struggling with how to maintain my running during the Fast. True most of my running occurs prior to sunrise and I should be able to run for a hour and have time to get breakfast in but it is not that simple. My body will be recovering throughout the day and the food I normally eat ALL DAY is used in that rebuilding. During the Fast while spiritually I am growing, I am not supplying my body with the necessary nutrients for recovery so it will cannibalize from me. That just sounds scary.

Let’s not forget that I am still biking to and from work and that I am doing yoga during lunch (albeit a gentler version). On the plus side, following yoga, since I can’t eat I nap. Following prayer of course, but nap.

I was at 40 miles a week but that is too much I think for Fasting exercise regimens. I’m not sure how much to cut it down though out of a fear of losing progress made. I’m tempted to half it and shoot for 20 miles a week but..damn. This is a time when a running coach would really come in handy. I’ll let you know what I decide and I welcome your advice.


Mostly I want a mustachioed man to track my time. I bet I’d move faster.

OK time to head off to bed so I can get up and do it all again but I do want to share one other bit of progress with you. Yoga progress.

Still holding….I’m still holding….

I thought Crow Pose was an impossibility for me. Not because I don’t have the arm strength but because I didn’t have the flexibility to fold in half and get my legs up onto my arms. Well, daily yoga equals progress. Progress not perfection. Animal snapped the above picture of me holding Crow for about 7 breaths. In my long-johns. Because lumberjack yoga.

Anyway I’m proud of it and I hope Lisa is too.

How do you decide how to adjust your training when obstacles come into the picture?

Crow pose: fucking hard right? Can you rock it? Prove it.

Can you miss a meal or do you needtoeatlikerightnoworyou’llget HANGRY?



6 thoughts on “Fasting

  1. Yes, I certainly adjust my training when there are obstacles. This would be one for you! I’m not sure I’d be able to run and fast! Yoga might be a good bet for you this week. That bread looks amazing BTW, I am starting to get hungry now just by looking at it. Good luck!!

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  2. LOVE the crow pose and YES I can do it, but it’s when side crow comes into question that I back out. Nope, can’t do it. I’m actually experimenting with fasting right now so it’s funny you write this. In order to balance the whole thing I’ve kept runs shorts and focused on drinking all the water. I suppose listening to your body is your best bet and if that means skipping a run, or adding in a steak you just pick your battle.


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