Shit just falls apart!

So lately things have been falling apart around me. Nothing life altering mind you but shit just keeps breaking.

Goodbye Raleigh, Hello Kona

Last Friday on my way home from work I noticed my rear wheel was intermittently rubbing against the frame. I had been advised to change out the bearings last time I had the full tune up done so I guess it was time to do it for real. I brought the bike to the shop and they tuned it up over the weekend. I picked it up Monday night, ready to go for my commute Tuesday morning.

On my way in that morning, I noted the rear wheel was still intermittently rubbing against the frame. WTF? Did I not just get this thing tuned up. So I started watching the wheel to see if I could identify the problem. I did. The right chain stay was cracked straight through right at the dropout! (How is that for sounding like I know what I’m talking about when it comes to bikes? Hint: I don’t really) Case in point:

Every time I pedaled the chain stay would float out and the real wheel would go all wonky. I then cautiously finished my ride to work (yep, I stayed on it). Once there I consulted a coworker who is a legitimate bike NERD. He immediately set about to ignoring the clients come into the clinic and calling his bike nerd friends. They quickly:

  1. Determined that the bike could be welded but it would not be a good idea or use of money.
  2. Decided I should buy a new (used) bike.
  3. Found a new(used) Kona bike that would make an excellent commuter.
  4. Arranged for me to pick up the Kona at a very convenient location and time (in an open trunk deal that was not at all shady).

The result? $120 dollars later plus a little tip for excellent service I have a brand new and upgraded commuter SAME DAY as when mine was broken.

Stock photo, but mine is still pretty awesome! And Brown!

I only missed one commute and I was able to ride it into work the next day. On that wonderful first ride into work on my new bike I was


Yup. I was at a stop sign waiting for traffic so I could cross. I was very gently bumped from behind as a car rolled into me before stopping. The driver was very freaked out but no damage or injury occurred. He tapped me just hard enough to push the bike seat into my left buttock (no bruise yet but I’ll keep you posted).

I looked at him rather indignantly and we pulled off to the side to inspect both my bike and my person. Both were fine or at least no worse than when the day started. We exchanged info just in case and went along our way.

So how did it happen? The driver saw me and knew I was there and at a stop sign, but he couldn’t see well because he hadn’t scraped all the frost from his windshield.

This is enough!

This is a pet peeve of mine, probably because I grew up in Minnesota where there is eternally a layer of frost on every windshield. Scrape it off! Warm it up! However you do it people just get the entire window clear. You need more than a box to see what is happening around you.

On top of that, he spilled his lidless coffee on himself and was distracted by the burning of his hand and legs. So of course he bumps into me.

I’m ranting a little bit but I am thankful I was only gently bumped. My bike could have been damaged, I could have been hurt or pushed into traffic and killed.

Broken thing Number Two

Slipping my shoes off I heard a loud tear. I paused in a slight panic….these are my running shoes! My Altra Superior 2.0 which carried me through my first Deadman Peaks finish! They are almost a year old and on the outside edge of the toe box (on both shoes mind you) there is a tear where the upper is separating from the sole. I’m not mad or surprised. I’ve put a ton of miles on these shoes, especially with adopting a formal running plan at the dawn of the year.

I am sad though. It’s like having a sick puppy that I know is not going to get better, but I don’t have the cash to put him down right now. So I’ll treat his symptoms to the best of my ability until I can afford gentle euthanasia.

I even used medical tape. What a good nurse.

The reality is I am setting aside my cash for a Garmin so the need to get new shoes is unwelcome.

Broken Thing: the Third

Our furnace is acting up. For the last couple days it has been intermittently (my favorite word this post!) running or not running. We’d hear it start up but not engage the blower (chuckle). It is set for 70º but doesn’t engage when below that, say at 64º.

So I took Thursday off and spent the day tinkering. Like a gods-damned Gnome. 107

I opened up the furnace, tested and cleaned the connections. I pulled off the thermostat and did the same there. I removed the thermostat and reapplied it, cut the power to the furnace to test the blower (hee hee) and even considered investigating the gas valve (sometimes the valve would click but the burner would not ignite). I thought better of that though. Guess I’m not really that Gnomish. I always associated more with Dwarves.

The furnace has been running normally for the last two days. I will take some of the credit but I’m still not convinced what I did exactly. I cleaned up a lot of the connections and tested to make sure they were intact. That’s about it.

Lisa and I are happy to have the furnace working, whatever the cause. It hasn’t been terrible cold here but it gets down into the 30’s at night and we have two kids to keep safe and warm.


So in a matter of a week I:

  • Broke and replaced my bike
  • Was hit (lovingly) by a car
  • Wore through my most recent pair of running shoes
  • Had my furnace go out and then somehow influenced it to start working normally again.

I don’t know about you but I figure that’s enough. That doesn’t even take into account all the running, working, new job-ing and Baha’i-ing I did this week.

I’m going to relax this weekend with a nice long run, some yoga and playtime with Lisa and the girls.

What are your plans for the weekend?

You ever had things just keep falling apart one thing after another? WTF is the deal huh?

Dwarves or Gnomes?



2 thoughts on “Shit just falls apart!

  1. I had a serious of “ALRIGHT ALREADY” this week too, with a flat tire (not nearly as bad as yours) a lost Garmin, cancelled workout classes (this wasn’t the end of the world but I was salty about it) and now I can’t get my wheel back onto my bike. Then today I aced my math test, made it to a spin class, and am relaxing with my cats…soo…I guess it balanced. You win though, man…and I’m guilty of the window of ice..BUT NO MORE! I will officially wait until my window is totally clear now!

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