Looking for the Eye (part 1)

Long run Saturday!

Target goal of 40 miles for the week was easily in sight after yesterday’s little adventure. I’m at 38.2 so today ended up being a nice and easy 4-5 miles.

Lost in the Foothills

My plan for yesterday involved starting up at the Menaul trail-head and heading south along the foothills and looping out to find the Eye of the Sandias. A local mystery item that I have not seen yet. A painted eye up in the southern foothills that occasionally gets refreshed. Urban legend has it that this is the mountain crying at the encroachment of the city. Because nature.

It is approximately a 4 mile loop from Copper’s east end, but it’s my long run day so I started further up to add some miles. It was gorgeous out. The sun was shining and it was only slightly breezy, making for a perfect New Mexico day for running. I took my shirt off and took off running.

I had looked up the route a couple times prior to running out the door but clearly not enough. I missed a turn and went to0 far south and when I tried to turn back north I ended up bushwhacking/climbing through some tricky terrain. I spotted a fellow bouldering nearby and asked which way to the Eye. He promptly told me he had no idea and had tried finding it several times. So there’s that. It was hot and sunny (which was awesome) but I only had a hand-held bottle for water and no food. Regardless it was a very fun experience and I got to put my feet on some ground I had not touched before.


To further complicate matters on my way up a ridge I found an IPhone lying on the ground. I did not want to leave it in place for fear someone would run off with it. So I picked it up and ran off with it, fully intending to try to locate the owner once my run was complete.

The phone started getting calls and I answered hoping I would find the owner. I did and after a bit of getting lost off-trail I managed to find her on top of a nearby ridge. She was very tearful and grateful enough to want to hug me despite being sweaty and gross. She was also the grandmother with a couple kids that I passed climbing the ridge immediately after finding the phone! Had I just asked I could have saved her some grief and me the trouble, but hey, grateful grandmother hug for me.

Summer in February

The rest of the evening was basically July. Temps remained in the 60’s into the evening and Animal had a friend over for a play-date at the park. I of course do what I do regularly when it is summer and started a fire. We cooked hot dogs and roasted marshmellows and made S’mores. I cannot build a fire and cook on it without making s’mores. It’s Pavlovian.

It was extra fun due to the friend not being much of an outdoor kid from not much oif an outdoor family. She claims this was her first s’more. The girls had a lot of fun instructing her in how to apply and properly cook a marshmellow over a fire and the dangers of it starting on fire (“It won’t taste good.”) etc. Lisa of course got into the dark chocolate, to make sure it wasn’t bad. So we were all spared food poisoning.

It really makes me excited for the coming warmer months. I know they are still a ways away but here in ABQ they are not as far off as in Minnesota.

I pray you all had a wonderful weekend. Did you get outside? If so what did you do?

If you didn’t get outside what did you do?

Do you have a certain way you build your S’mores? Mine are layers: Graham cracker, chocolate, marshmellow and then cracker. No second chocolate layer Lisa!



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