Valentines Day! VD

Yes I am quoting Larry Norman but that’s not the point. Though it is rather fitting considering I’m currently managing the largest STD clinic in the State of New Mexico. Gonorrhea indeed. Though, truth be told I did order extra condoms and Plan B knowing V-Day was coming. Semper paratus.

photo 2
Oh, yeah!

I don’t really want to talk about VD. I do want to talk about our Valentine’s Day escapades. As I mentioned last time, the weather here in ABQ has been lovely. 60’s-70’s and sunny. The girls and I got out to the park to get a little sunshine on our skin and smiles in our faces.

Well, kind of a smile.


This was all in the morning before my 16 mile run so I guess it was a warm up. Not sure how getting dizzy and sick to my stomach aids my running, but I’ll stick with it until I understand.

After this Lisa and the girls went out to get their hair and nails done while I ran a lot. Perfect combination which I already talked about last time so I won’t go into it again.

Valentines Day fun!

After the run and pampering we spent the afternoon at home playing and relaxing. I had brought  heart-shaped donut home from work the day before which Snookums promptly devoured. She’s something of a donut-monster.

Sad V-day Donut.

It’s cute watching her demolish the poor things. When we go the the Balloon Fiesta we always get a half-dozen Krispy Kremes and she eats about four. Then it’s still cute but a little scary.

It was my responsibility to plan the monthly date for Lisa and myself and that means I wrapped it up into Valentine’s Day. I managed to keep it a secret from everyone even the girls who hate it when they don’t know what is going on.

I’ll be honest. It’s fun to fuck with them a little bit. They would ask me what the surprise is and I’d get them to lean in close and then whisper “It’s a secret.” Oh they’d get mad.

Date night!

What was this wondrous surprise? Canvas and Coffee! It’s similar to Paint Night but no booze and it’s a local place. Instead of sending all our money to Boston a local business gets a little boost and we get to have a great time.

Sure maybe it’s a little cliché but we don’t get out too often and we don’t get out alone almost ever. This is something that we will address when we change schedules with my new job.

We drove over to the West Side in the evening and found this cute little place sitting alongside a small but busy road looking like it was exactly where it ought to be. Inside was a jumble of painting supplies and antiques, all of which could be purchased, none of which we did.

Painting things…with paint.

If you have not done a Paint Night or similar event let me break it down for you: it’s pretty much paint by numbers. The instructors lay out the materials and walk you through the colors and the steps and they even have pre-printed templates so you can trace the design onto the canvas with carbon-paper. Of course the more experienced artists can wing it and I considered it but I figured I’d better follow the rules for the first round.

Following the instructions though makes it very easy to relax into the process and just spend time with your date/partner/sucker you dragged along. Lisa and I had a nice time chatting and people watching and really just enjoyed being a couple sans kids for a few hours.

I found it interesting how our personalities came out. When painting Lisa was very organized and followed the instructions almost verbatim. Her painting looked very…clean is the word that comes to mind. Mine on the other hand was a little rougher and I pay great attention to detail. Lisa has commented before on my focus when being artistic. I guess there’s truth in that.

So what was the painting?

One of those predictably adorable couples painting where you each do your own “half” that comes together to make a whole. It’s saccharin, sappy and predictable but it is fun and relaxing and we had a great time.

photo 1

A lovely finished product! I pray you all had a wonderful holiday and week in the following days.

Valentine’s Day: Sappy or Super?

What are your plans for the weekend? Any outdoor activities?

Are you and artist? What have you created that you are most proud of (besides your kids or that bowel movement that really felt good)?


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