I don’t know if Socrates (pronounces Soh-crayts, just ask Bill and Ted) ever actually said that but it is a nice lead in to talking about changes that are happening and that will hopefully be happening soon.socrates20best20one

Lots happening and changing here in ABQ. The weather has taken an upswing, job changes coming perhaps, Lisa and the girls got their nails did and I’m sure something else.



Weather is better = more Running!

So we’ve been in the 60’s lately in ABQ and we’re shooting for 70’s by the end of the week. All this sunshine and warmth means I’m trying to get as much outside time as I can. During the workweek it isn’t much except for the early morning. Anyone else getting up to run at 4:30?  Anyone? Just me….what’s the deal? So I made a point to take a long run Saturday when Lisa and the girls were out getting pampered prior to Valentine’s Day activities.

Saturday I had intended to get a few extra miles in. I only had 15 miles yet to go to hit my goal of 35 for the week and I had Sunday as well. No pressure, just have a little fun. With no time limit (remember the ladies were out getting their hair and nails did) I just relaxed and ran in the sun. T-shirt and shorts run in the sun! In February. Gotta love New Mexico.

So what did I do with this time? A 2 hour and 50 minute trek through the foothills, taking in my favorite steep climb up to a nice little lookout and then sidling over to the Domingo Baca Trail (also the site of a TWA plane crash in 1955). It worked out to 16 miles and LOTS of elevation.


Distant snow-melt.

It’s not an easy run but it’s not the toughest, and it has a hell of a payoff. Part of the way up the canyon (before you turn off to find the crash site) there is the remains of a shelter of some sort. I think it gets used by vagrants and campers during the warmer seasons but it is a cool find so high up in the foothills.IMG_1682

Bonus: I was taking the above picture and I could hear running water nearby! That’s a big deal in the desert. Just saying. Ten or fifteen feet down the trail was a briskly running stream of cold snow-melt. A beautiful find on a sunny day.


As if three hours out

Wait for it….

in the sun wasn’t enough (I got a sunburn line on my forehead from my Buff) I went back out Sunday morning with Mike to climb Piedra Lisa.

It’s a steep 2 miles up with great views. The trail was pretty clear of ice and snow though we did slip once. We got to the top of the ridge early enough that the sun had not quite cleared the peaks yet.

I had already hit my goal mileage for the week so the 4.7 I put on climbing up and down this monster were all bonus miles. Definitely running on tired legs, though we made good time up to the ridge.

Changes for this week? I’ll probably aim for 40 miles as my target seeing as I’ve hit that the last two weeks anyway. Can’t hurt right? Well, not if I do it safely. Here’s the elevation profiles for both runs:

Sha-na-na Get A Job!

I’ve been with the State for 6 months now. We’ve been on the fence about staying or trying to go back to the hospital. There are pros and cons to both and we’ve batted them back and forth in a bit of a mental and emotional tennis match. Sitting down to start our taxes I was able to compare an even split last year: 6 months at the hospital and 6 months at the state. It hurts sometimes, the plain black and white truth.

At the hospital I was working three 12 hrs shifts, with travel approximately 15 hours a day so about 45 hrs a week I am at work or en route. At the State I am working five days a week, eight hours a day with travel to and from it turns into an 11 hr day, so 55 hrs a week.

What do I get for this extra ten hours a week? $14000 less in six months. Less time at home for less money and I am not able to participate in home activities as before. I’m not volunteering at school, I’m not around for homework time and well shit that’s enough.

While we know the hospital experience (xp for you RPG fans) is not a “forever” solution, it did fit our family’s schedule better than the state has been doing, and it compensates better up front.

I have two interviews tomorrow back at the hospital. Peds ICU (2nd interview) and Neuro ICU. I also applied to the ER but they’ve been too busy to call me back yet. Saving lives or medicating people with kidney stones probably.*Edit: ER called me back today 2-15-16 and I interview Thursday AM.* I’m hopeful that this change meets our family’s needs more completely and helps to set me up for continued job growth. Perhaps a transition from the ICU to Medical Flight nurse? That is of course just to pay the bills until I get this whole work from home as a DnD guru/ultra-runner gig down.

For now though it’s time to get a job:

FYI this is what I found when I parked my bike on the rack outside the hospital.

Super encouraging right?


I’ll update on Valentines Day in the next couple days. Until then:

How was your weekend? Have you had any changes come up unexpectedly or did you have planned changes? You got the David Bowie reference I hope?

Who went for a run? Tell me about it!



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