Long Weekend ends in Year of the Monkey

Happy Lunar New Year! Welcome to the Year of the (Red Fire) Monkey! year-monkeyI was born in a previous monkey year (Gold Monkey). So whether that means this year is going to be a good year or a bad year well I guess that’s a matter of opinion.

We make a point of celebrating Lunar New Year at our house. It’s not one of our cultural traditions, I mean come on I’m Mexican-Irish and Lisa is French and German and we both grew up in the Mid-west. Despite that or perhaps because of it and I think in part because of our being Baha’i we make an effort to celebrate or at least understand the traditions from cultures outside of our own. We are world citizens after all and the more we try to understand each other the more we will learn just how similar we are. The world really is one nation.

Now that I’ve come down off my soap-box…. The girls and Lisa and I have a lot of fun with Lunar New Year. We wear red, eat Asian food, have Lucky Candies and watch a movie. Last year we watched Mulan (I have young kids remember? It’s not time for the Joy Luck Club yet). This year we went out to see Kung Fu Panda 3.



I”m not going to do a full movie review, there are plenty of places that will do that for you, but I do want to say a couple things.

Visually it was the most impressive of the three. I wish we had seen it in 3D, and that’s saying something because 3D films generally give this old man a headache. It was just plain pretty to look at and Lisa and I remarked to each other several times “Ooh I like that color!” We’re in the process of picking out paint colors for the living rooms, does it show?

The central message of “Be the best you that you can be” was very inspiring, perhaps more so than the kids could even realize. I was pretty damn well inspired to quit my job and be the best runner-writer-DnD player/game designer I can be. I’ve been teetering on the edge of this for a while anyway so this isn’t a big surprise.

The music was also amazing and the villains theme that came on every time Kai, the very well designed BBEG appeared was fun. It sounded to me like a Chinese these from a Western (read: cowboy) movie.

Long Runs

Running is still happening. I managed 40 miles last week though I was aiming for 35. I accidentally ran 12 miles on my Saturday long run. I was shooting for 10 miles and aiming to get back home in time to surprise the girls with the above movie. I was happy to realize I actually had a couple more miles than I thought. This route has a big climb, which I do on a regular basis.


It was very nice out. The weather has been getting better after a very cold spell (for ABQ).

View from the rock at the top of the climb


I also managed to find a few new friends while taking a familiar offshoot of the trail.


Sick kids = Sadness

Saturday night, Snookums woke me up three times to throw up. Midnight, 1am and again at 3am. Poor thing. She handled it better than I ever did as a kid and we changed sheets, brushed teeth and went back to bed. At the 3am event I just stayed in bed with her and we both slept the rest of the night.

She rested Sunday and stayed home instead of going to Children’s Classes at the Baha’i center, but it payed off as she was feeling a little better by the end of the night. Better enough to play with my phone and take a picture of herself.


Yeah, that’s a pretty great spot to stop I think.

What’s in store for this week?

Where are you running and what if anything has been your most surprising animal encounter while running?

Admit it, kids movies aren’t just for kids anymore.


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