Recent Fun

Lots happening as usual…or for the first time. Work has been busy and mostly a source of unhappiness for me, hence this is how I look when I get home:

I really like how the helmet gives me a mohawk.

It’s a thing. I’m open to suggestions but I’m still leaning towards working from home, running and writing and blogging. More on that later.

Slumber party

or how my kids are growing up faster than I like.

Animal went to her first slumber party on Friday. She’s 10 is that later than usual? Unless movies and TV have lied to me she sat around talking about boys and doing her nails before a pillow fight.


I’m happy/sad that she’s old enough to be invited to these kinds of events. I happily remember the middle school parties as some rare socializing that I did. I was always the new kid and the weirdo so my brief life in the social scene was a mostly positive experiment. Animal doesn’t spend a lot of time with her classmates. She gets pulled out for gifted classes so I was worried there would be some separation and there may be but I’m happy to see her included.

I’m sad because I remember the hormone-induced make-out fests some of those parties ended up being. She’s a bit younger than I was when all that happened so I have some time, but Winter is Coming.

It’s also sad to see Snookums struggle with her sister and playmate getting older. Our girls really are best friends to each other. When Animal was invited out and Snookums was not, she took it really hard and struggled for a day or so leading up to the event. She cried while dropping her sister off even after I offered to make her whatever she wanted for dinner. The balloon she got at the party….popped right when she got home. Fucking A! She just can’t catch a break. The Daddy pancakes were a hit though.

Lisa and I know there is more of this coming. Her older sister will age away from her bit by bit. We will do everything we can to soften the blow and to encourage them to remain close but… who knows?

Following the slumber party (the next day) we all went out to another birthday party. Roller skating! I had run 10.8 miles just prior so I was not the most vigorous skater. I did manage to fall flat on my ass at least once. It was dramatic enough (flailing arms a la Goofy) that some young girl whom I did not know came to ask if I was OK. Humbled but happy.


Run Fatboy Run!

I’m kidding I’m not fat. It’s glandular! Either way I’m still putting one foot in front of the other every day. Yes still everyday so the streak is alive. Saturday is long run day and I added a few miles to make up for the minimal running I did at the beginning of the week due to illness.

Saturday was a long sloppy run marked by hard-packed snow and ice alternating with wet, soupy mud.


It was rough but lots of fun. Which is why I ended up looking like this:

I’m not sure….I’m happy here.

Sunday I made it up one of my favorite trail with a couple of buddies. It was still snowy and icy but we went up early enough to avoid the mud as it was too cold to have softened. Piedra Lisa trail is a beautiful trail that rewards a two mile climb with some beautiful views.

Top of Rincon Ridge

What is even more exciting is the addition of JJ to our running duo, which makes us a trifecta now. JJ is new to trail running. I think today was his third time. He’s loving it and it’s fun to see that and it renews the love for the trails in me.




In other running-tangential news I have been accepted as a contributing author at RootsRated. RootsRated is a media platform that connects users with the best outdoor experiences, hand-picked by local outdoor retailers and their networks of local experts. That’s straight from the website. Basically they work with locals to find and report the best outdoor experiences and put them all in one place.

I first read about the company in last years Dirt! issue of Trailrunner Magazine. I contacted them briefly about writing for them but they were launching a new website so it was placed on the back-burner. I reached out again after a few months of linger thoughts. Hell time to make things happen so I contacted them again and they immediately accepted my offer to write about local experiences in New Mexico. Yes it’s likely they were happy to have ANYBODY in NM but I’ll take it. It’s one step closer to that controlling my own schedule, working from home running-writing-blogging thingy that I have in my head as my career goal.

Check out the site and see what they have reviewed near you. Check out something new or if they are limited, sign up to contribute!

How are your outdoor activities going this winter?

Did you do the slumber party thing? Did it end up in a tickle-fight?


One thought on “Recent Fun

  1. I was younger than 10 when I started having sleep overs, but they were usually with the girls in my neighborhood. Often times I would cry and want to go home sooo…ahaha. I think you’re safe on the make out fests, typically 10 yr old girly sleepovers don’t have those.


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