Squeezing a few more things into 2015.

There were a few more days left last year so why not spend them playing and enjoying the wonders ABQ has to offer?

River of Lights

This has become an annual staple for us. Lots of beautiful lights displayed in the Botanical Garden. All the usual holiday stuff with a little ABQ flair. The weather is generally very amenable and this year was no exception.

Walking in to a beautiful night.

My favorite spot is straight in when you walk into the ocean life. The Sailor Man in me loves it.

There are a lot of beautiful lights here and the girls love the freedom to run around and play. Lisa and I enjoy the watching them run around and play. The ABQ Botanical Gardens are really amazing all the time and this festive event is an easy family favorite.

And of course this is the South West:


NM True!

And it includes my very favorite dinosaur!



We had a pretty decent snowfall on Christmas Day and after which made for some pretty awesome sledding. Animal and Snookums went out the door fast. I first shoveled the driveway and the sidewalk. And the neighbors sidewalk. Hey I grew up in Minnesota. You have to clear that stuff right away because it’s not going anywhere on it’s own. It’s not the same here, it will melt when the sun comes up, but “old habits” and all.

There is a nice little hill in the schoolyard that is steep enough to be fun and small enough for Snookums to do on her own. We had a good time sledding. I’ll say this though: Nothing makes you feel like an old fat guy like trying to sit down cross-legged on a tiny child’s sled.

New Years!

New Years Eve is not a big thing for us. Most years I work the overnight because it is holiday pay and we don’t go out partying anyway. This year marked a change in that we would all be home for the evening.

No surprise that we opted to stay home and family time it up. We decided to have a “junk-food night” consisting of jalapeño poppers, chicken nuggets, sunchips, salsitas, oreos and veggies and dip. You know, for your health. We watched the collection of Disney shorts that is on Netflix right now (I only cried at a couple of them) then did an early countdown for the girls and put them down for the night.

After one episode of Longmire (seriously go check it out) I went to bed and Lisa did some journaling. I was asleep by 10 I think. I wasn’t feeling all that well anyway. I think I have an infection in my right maxillary sinus. I’m a little uncomfortable and the right side of my face is slightly swollen, which EVERYONE likes to point out. Thanks guys, thanks for loving me despite my hideousness.

I dunno about you but that sounds like a pretty awesome relaxed evening. Though at some point this happened:


I….I don’t really know what is happening here.

I pray that you all had a happy and safe New Year’s Eve and that it continues into the year to come.

Q: Anything unusual happen during your New Years celebration?


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