Short week = Lots to do.

As you may have heard, it’s been a short week. Some sort of Christian holiday originally based on Pagan sun-worship. What you haven’t seen Zeitgiest?

Anyway busy week here with lots happening and nothing at all, but we started it off right.

Lisa has a Birthday!

Sitting on her new cushion.

Lisa used to struggle with her birthday. Being December 21st it often got wrapped into Christmas during her childhood. So we make an effort to go over and above for her (or at least not ho-hum). She has since moved to embrace her day as being extra extra special since it falls on the Winter Solstice and she leans kinda hippie-ish these days. It’s all that damn yoga.

Animal and Snookums and I all got her a little something, plus we helped make her favorite cake and also a gingerbread house. I found a kinstukuroi (or kintsugi) necklace for her.


We are making a concerted effort to downscale this holiday. It is a beast here in the U.S. and as Baha’i’s it is not our primary holiday. As a family we decided to spend $10 per person. We stuck to it really well actually and that left our extended family to hold to Christmas as they normally do. They did not disappoint and our tree was still overloaded.

Posing with Santa at my office. Positioned the camera just so in order to prevent the STD prevention posters from being seen in the background.

Christmas Eve we set out to make things ready for the next couple of days.  Animal and Snookums set up a place for Santa to come and rest and recharge before heading out again. Coffee, milk and biscochitos for the big man and apple slices and carrots for the reindeer. Pretty sweet setup I think.

We then headed out to a 4pm Service at a local Methodist church. Lisa and I thought it would be a good experience for the girls to attend a Christian Service for Christmas. Having raised the girls Baha’i they don’t have an understanding of what much of the world experiences this time of year. It was a simple service and Animal even joined in the Nativity play and went up front dressed an an angel.

Home for the night, they each opened up one present and then we began our evening ritual. Traditionally we read the Polar Express, then ring the bell and go to bed. We did this after watching the movie which makes for a nice evening with family and talking about belief.

After the girls were asleep Lisa and I cleaned up, prepped for the am and watched a few episodes of Longmire. We have to support a homegrown show (filmed entirely in NM).

In the morning we were gifted with watching the full moon set over the west side of ABQ. Pretty damn good way to start the day. The girls set to the presents like cannibals and I set the meat to roasting. This is the fourth year I have made cochinita pibil. We are not meat eaters generally so making 6-12 lbs of pork is a big deal. The girls both love it but I think the banana leaves are their favorite part.


I got a decent 10.6 mile run in while Lisa did a full on yoga. We ate a late lunch, and spent the day relaxing as a family. Getting along most of the time. Hey that’s about all I pray for most days.

We’ve been busy since then what with playtime and outside time and really trying not to kill each other. We’ve succeeded so far. Tonight is River of Lights so I’ll put up another in a couple days with a few of my favorite pics!

I pray your holiday/time off was well spent and recuperative.




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