Winter Wonderland

It might not be as nice as it is in Utah right now where a new friend ran a half marathon today, but ABQ has some pretty stellar weather.

Yesterday I hit the trail for an hour to release some stress accumulated during the work week. It happens sometimes. I was on my own as a buddy called off sick and was worried about the weather. We had a rainstorm pass through that muddied up the trails just before turning into flurries that dusted the cactus and made all sorts of things real pretty.

Dusting of snow in the foothills. I’m heading up there.

It was a good 6.7 mile run. It was just over an hr which isn’t too bad considering over 900 feet of gain (my excuse for being a slow old man). I cut the run shorter than I had intended in order to run to Lowe’s and pick up a sample of the paint Lisa is considering for the front room. Yellow something….she was happy and there is a patch on the wall now. I don’t think this is the one though.

We ended the night wrapping presents and watching Ernest Saves Christmas. You know you love it knowhutImean? It was snowing as we went to bed. I figured it was the magic of Christmas.

We woke up to this:

The Minnesotan in me cannot abide snow to just lay there so we bundled up and headed out to shovel it into its proper place. An hour and a half later the sidewalks, the driveway and the street was clear. Yes the street. You need to move the snow away from where you will take your car.

Lisa woke up a bit later and was crazy to get outside so we headed up to the trail-head for a hike. It looked like it was literally painful for her not to be outside. Animal and Sweetums stayed home to relax and digest pancakes. It was a changed landscape from yesterday.

Looking towards the Sandias.


Far over Misty Mountains cold…..

Lisa was having such a great time she could not keep this damned grin off her face!


Also, she was so energized, so vitalized by this snowfall I could scarcely keep up with her. I want to say it was the 7 mile run yesterday, the hour and a half of shoveling and some other third thing that was to blame but truthfully she was having fun.

There she is waaaay off on her own.
Maybe a little too much fun.

I love the desert and I love the heat. I’ll go out for a run when it’s near 100 and thrive. Lisa struggles with it sometimes and events like this surprise snowfall and her obvious enjoyment of it cause me to question if we are in the right place, if we are in my place and not hers. Maybe we should live up in the northwest where this happens a bit more frequently and where we don’t have any negative history?

That’s a big leap though and it is because it happens so rarely that she is able to enjoy it as much as she does. It’s special. Looking around I find it hard to disagree.


Q: How did your weekend go? Did you get outside or make the best of a long winters night?



4 thoughts on “Winter Wonderland

  1. Stunning pictures, however… I have to admit, I do not miss snow – AT ALL. I am kind of scared to SEE IT in a few days actually! LOL! I love not having to worry about bringing a jacket with me, ha! Well… This next month starting Saturday is going to be a RUDE awakening for me!


    1. Agreed. Having grown up in MN, I know all about real snow. We don’t get real snow here in ABQ. This is the pretty white stuff that melts before it turns brown and shitty and crusty.
      Where are you headed? Be safe stay warm and remember to layer!

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